‘Adamant’ Steering Gear (P11)


All parts comprising this steering assembly are extremely rare now. There is a good opportunity that those items numbered can be supplied. However, most parts supplied for this steering system are secondhand.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0321ZM7/ Adamant steering column & boxEach1
MG0322ZM7/Steering column inner & outerEach2
MG0323AF/ Steering box casing - steelEach3
MG0323ZM/D/ Steering box casing - aluminumEach3
MG0324ZM7/ Steering box sector shaft with gear wheelEach4
MG0325ZM7/ Steering box cover plateEach5
MG0326ZM7/ Steering box drop armEach6
MG0327ZM7/ Steering box drop arm travel stopsEach7
MG0328ZM7/ Special steering wheel to column locM3utEach8
MG0329ZM7/ Steering column mounting for horn buttonEach9
MG0330AM7/ Horn button/dip switch£78.79Each10
MG0331ZM7/ Drag or steering rodEach11
MG0332ZM7/ Track rodEach12
MG0333AM7Drag link ends c/w ball pins, cups & springsPer pair13
MG0333BM7/ Ball pin outer cup (drag link only)Each13a
MG0333CM7/ Ball pin adjusting plug (drag link only)Each13b
MG0334AM7/ Track rod ends c/w ball pins, cups & springsPer pair14
MG0334BM7/ Drag link and track rod end ball pins (parallel)Each14a
MG0334CM7/ Ball pin inner swivel cup (drag link only)Each14b
MG0334DM7/ Ball pin return springEach14c
MG0334EM7/ Ball pin adjusting plugEach14d
MG0335AM7/ Steering arm - off sideEach15
MG0335ZM7/ Steering arm - off side£45.00Each15
MG0336AM7/ Steering arm - near sideEach16
MG0336ZM7/ Steering arm - near side£45.00Each16
MG0337AM7/ 1/4" Grease nipple - StraightEach17
MG0337BM7/ 1/4" Grease nipple- 45 degEach17
MG0337CM7/ 1/4" Grease nipple - 90 degEach17
MG0337D 5/16" Grease nipple - StraightEach17
MG0337E5/16" Grease nipple - 45 degEach17
MG0337F5/16" Grease nipple - 90 degEach17
MG0338AM7/ Steering column to mounting brkt clamp£9.52Each18
MG0338BM7/ Steering column to mounting brkt clampEach18
MG0339ZM7/ Body mounted steering column support brktEach19
MG0340AM7/ Steering wheel keyEach20

NB. We regret we are unable to offer a reconditioning service for the Adamant steering gear. However the design of this steering box gives rise to less wear then in later MG boxes.