K1 Tourer Dashboards, Gauges and Fittings (P50)



Other K Sports, Tourers & Saloons used the following Gauges and Fittings in different combinations and Layouts – the board illustrates the K1 4-seat tourer. Some models used Black Gauges & Dashlamps – most however used brown.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1419BP/N/ Chrome base for MG1419£18.00Each15
MG1419CK/P/N/ Horn button/dip switch, brown£87.5014
MG1419DRear of panel plate to secure horn button£12.00Each
MG1424AP/N/ 2" Oil temp gauge, Smiths or Jaeger, brown face£235.00Each10
MG1424BF2/J2/L/ 2" Oil temp gauge, Smiths or Jaeger, black face£235.00Each10
MG1425AP/N/ 2" Lever wind clock, Jaeger, brown faceEach12
MG1425BF2/J2/L/ 2" Lever wind clock, Jaeger, black faceEach12
MG1427AF2/J2/L/P/N/ 2" chrome, octagonal instrument bezel£18.00Each13
MG1430AK1/Tourer Panel - Burr walnut veneer, drilled Each1
MG1431AK1/Tourer Control panel housing ampmeter, light & ignitionEach2
MG1432AL/P/N/ D43 Drivers helmet dash lamp, black c/w bulb£60.00Each3
MG1432BL/P/ND43 / Drivers helmet dash lamp, brown c/w bulb£60.00Each3
MG1433AL/P/N/ Dash lamp switch, pull/push, brown knob£45.00Each4
MG1433BP/N/ Fog lamp switch, pull/push, brown knob£45.00Each4
MG1435AK1/Tourer Speedometer- 3" dia0-85mph Black/whiteEach6
MG1435BK1/Tourer Speedometer- 3" dia0-85mph Brown/whiteEach6
MG1436AK1/Tourer Rev counter - 3" dia0-6000rpm Black/whiteEach7
MG1436BK1/Tourer Rev counter - 3" dia0-6000rpm Brown/whiteEach7
MG1437APB/NB/ Chrome 3" octagonal instrument bezelEach8
MG1438AK1/Tourer Petrol gauge - 2" Black/whiteEach9
MG1438BK1/Tourer Petrol gauge - 2" Brown/whiteEach9
MG1439AK1/Tourer Oil pressure gauge - 2" Black/whiteEach11
MG1439BK1/Tourer Oil pressure gauge - 2" Brown/whiteEach11

NB. On some K tourers with black gauges, the clock was 60mm in diameter with roman numerals on the dial. It should also be noted that on K models, all gauges had raised rims with bevel edged glasses.