Marles Weller Steering Gear (P12)


All parts comprising this steering assembly are extremely rare now. There is a good opportunity that those items numbered can be supplied.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0331ZM7/ Drag or steering rodEach
MG0332ZM7/ Track rodEach
MG0333AM7Drag link ends c/w ball pins, cups & springsPer pair15
MG0333BM7/ Ball pin outer cup (drag link only)Each15a
MG0333CM7/ Ball pin adjusting plug (drag link only)Each
MG0334AM7/ Track rod ends c/w ball pins, cups & springsPer pair16
MG0334BM7/ Drag link and track rod end ball pins (parallel)Each16a
MG0334CM7/ Ball pin inner swivel cup (drag link only)Each16b
MG0334DM7/ Ball pin return springEach16c
MG0334EM7/ Ball pin adjusting plugEach16d
MG0335AM7/ Steering arm - off sideEach17
MG0335ZM7/ Steering arm - off side£45.00Each17
MG0336AM7/ Steering arm - near sideEach18
MG0336ZM7/ Steering arm - near side£45.00Each18
MG0337AM7/ 1/4" Grease nipple - StraightEach19
MG0337BM7/ 1/4" Grease nipple- 45 degEach19
MG0337CM7/ 1/4" Grease nipple - 90 degEach19
MG0337D 5/16" Grease nipple - StraightEach19
MG0337E5/16" Grease nipple - 45 degEach19
MG0337F5/16" Grease nipple - 90 degEach19
MG0338AM7/ Steering column to mounting brkt clamp£9.52Each25
MG0340AM7/ Steering wheel keyEach
MG0341ZMarles Weller steering column and boxEach1
MG0342ZSteering column outer tube and boxEach2
MG0343ZSteering box to chassis mounting brktEach3
MG0344ZInner column and wormEach4
MG0345A3 piece Marles Weller steering box bearingPer set5
MG0346AMarles Weller steering box end shim (0.005-0.010 as req)Each6
MG0347ZSteering box end lidEach7
MG0348ZSteering box top lid c/w sector shaft bushEach8
MG0349ASteering box lid adj shims (0.005-0.010 as req)Each9
MG0350ASteering box sector shaftEach10
MG0351ASteering box sector shaft-Yours fully reconditionedEach10a
MG0352ZSteering worm follower less hemispheresEach11
MG0353AHemispheres for worm follower£75.00Per 412
MG0354ASector shaft to drop arm felt oil seal£1.25Each13
MG0355ASteering box drop armEach14
MG0355ZSteering box drop armEach14
MG0356ASteering column top felt seal£4.50Each22
MG0357ATA/upto2881Steering wheel to column locating keyEach23
MG0357ZSteering wheel to column locating keyEach23
MG0359ABody mounted steering column support brkt£40.00Each26
MG1625AJ/L/K/P/N/TA/ Brooklands type CENTRE BOSS ONLY for MG1624£135.00Each24


A full reconditioning service is available for this type of steering box. Please ring or write for full details of time taken, price and transportation.