Miscellaneous Items & New Additions (P80)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1146AT3/ Gearbox rubber cover£195.00Each10
MG1147ATD/ Gearbox rubber coverEach11
MG1148AVertical MG crested rubber foot mat£22.50Each12
MG1148BHorizontal MG crested rubber foot mat£15.00Each
MG1720AD/F/J/M2/P/ 12v battery-long pattern£169.50Each1
MG1720BD/F/J/M2/P/ 12v battery cover-long pattern£135.00Each
MG1720CD/F/J/M2/P/ 12v battery fixing frame-long pattern£39.50Each
MG1720DAll/ Battery Acid. 38% H2SO4. 1 lt£9.50Each
MG1721AM/N/TA/ 6v Battery - long patternLitre2
MG1722AAll/ Conduit for bulkhead/firewall wiringEach3
MG1723AAll/ Conduit for battery leadEach4
MG1724AAll/ Conduit mounting clipsEach4
MG1725AAll Battery cable to terminal connectorsEach5
MG1725CAll Battery cut off terminal connector£5.75Each
MG1726AAll/ Battery earth leadEach6
MG1727AD/J/ Crank handle with brass sleeve grip£55.00Each7
MG1728AF1/F2/ Crank handle with brass sleeve grip£55.00Each8
MG1729AP/ Crank handle with brass sleeve grip£55.00Each9
MG1730AT/ Crank handle with brass sleeve grip£55.00Each9
MG1731AAll/ Chrome luggage rack inc legs & fittingsEach13
MG1732AAll/ Stainless steel luggage rack inc legs & fittingsEach13a