MMM Automatic Lubrication System (P1)


We are often asked why the automatic one-shot lubrication system fails to work. The reason for this is normally the previous application of grease via a grease gun instead of oil via the one-shot oil gun. It is almost impossible to remove grease from the 5/32″ brass tubing and we recommend replacement of the pipes with identical material and the application of Gearbox 140 ‘straight’ (not hypoid) oil via the original gun.

A careful study of the following, together with the diagram, will enable you to install the system accurately.

Excluding VAT
Unit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0200AMMM Complete auto lube system£375.00Set0
MG0201AMMM AutoLube thin washer £0.15Each1
MG0202AMMM AutoLube thick washer£0.15Each1A
MG0203AMMM Ready drilled oil pipe ends (banjo)£1.80Each2
MG0204AMMM Open feed plug£4.89Each3
MG0205AMMM Combined greaser & screw for rear trunnion caps£7.92Each4
MG0206AMMM Single adjustable feed plug£7.06Each5
MG0207AMMM Double adjustable feed plug£8.00Each6
MG0208AMMM Treble adjustable feed plug £10.00Each7
MG0209AMMM One way escutcheon plate, oiler & cap£11.50Each8
MG0210AMMM Two way escutcheon plate, oiler & cap£12.50Each9
MG0211AMMM Bulkhead mountted brass escutcheon plates£25.00Per pair10
MG0212AMMM Brass tubing (10' coil)£26.50Roll11