MMM Carburettors & Controls (P27)


MMM Carburettors are rare and difficult to obtain. However if the basic bodies are secured, it is possible to buy almost all other parts in either new or secondhand condition.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0945ZM/ Single SU 1 1/4" horizontal flange, bronze body, semi DDEach
MG0946ZM1/M2/M3/ Aluminium carburettor bodyEach1
MG0947AM1/M2/M3/ Piston - BronzeEach2
MG0947ZM1/M2/M3/ Piston - Aluminium£85.00Each2
MG0948AM1/M2/M3/ Jet needleEach3
MG0948EAUD1216 (GL) Jet needle£11.00Each3
MG0948FAUD1093 (CC) Jet needle£11.00Each3
MG0948GAUD1316 (S) Jet needle£11.00Each3
MG0948HAUD1214 (GJ) Jet needle£9.00Each3
MG0948JAUD1305 (RM) Jet needle£12.00Each3
MG0949ZM1/M2/M3/ Jet needle locking screwEach4
MG0950ZD/ Single SU 1" horizontal flange, aluminium body, semi DDEach
MG0951ZM1/M2/M3/ Piston suction chamberEach5
MG0952AM1/M2/M3/ Carburettor piston cap, brass with knurled edgeEach6
MG0953ZM1/M2/M3/ Suction chamber securing screwEach7
MG0954AM1/M2/M3/ Needle jetEach8
MG0955ZF1/F2/ Pair SU 1" horizontal flange, aluminium body, semi DDEach
MG0956ZM1/M2/M3/ Jet adjusting nutEach9
MG0957ZM1/M2/M3/ Jet adjusting lock springEach10
MG0958ZM1/M2/M3/ Jet assembly retaining screwEach11
MG0959AM1/M2/M3/ Jet sealing ring - BrassEach12
MG0960ZJ1/J2/P/ Pair SU 1" horiz flange, ali body, semi DD Each
MG0961AM1/M2/M3/ Jet sealing ring - cork Each13
MG0962AM1/M2/M3/ Jet assy copper washer (lower)Each14
MG0963ZM1/M2/M3/ Jet bearing (lower half)Each15
MG0964AM1/M2/M3/ Jet gland washer - corkPer pair16
MG0965ZJ3/Supercharged 1 1/4" SU horiz flange, semi DDEach
MG0966AM1/M2/M3/ Jet gland washer - brassPer pair17
MG0967ZM1/M2/M3/ Jet gland springEach18
MG0968ZM1/M2/M3/ Jet bearing (top half)Each19
MG0969AM1/M2/M3/ Jet assy copper washer (top)Each20
MG0970AJ4/ Supercharged 1 5/8" SU horiz flange, ali body, semi DD£895.00Each
MG0971AM1/M2/M3/ Jet lever to body linkEach21
MG0972AVarious 2nd hand Jet lever (choke lever) front£40.00Each22
MG0973AM1/M2/M3/ Jet lever (choke lever) rearEach23
MG0974AM1/M2/M3/ Clevis pin and split pin assy (short)Per 423a
MG0975ZL/M3M31/K2/ Pair 1 1/8" SU horiz flange, semi DDEach
MG0976AM1/M2/M3/ Jet lever connecting rod with clevis endsEach24
MG0977AM1/M2/M3/ Clevis pin and split pin assy (Long)Per 324a
MG0978ZM1/M2/M3/ Cockpit choke control to choke lever connecting linkEach25
MG0979ZVarious 2nd hand Throttle spindle£8.00Each26
MG0980AK3/D/R/ 1 7/8" SU horiz flange, semi DD£945.00Each
MG0981AM1/M2/M3/ Throttle disc (butterfly)Each27
MG0982AM1/M2/M3/ Throttle disc retaining screwsEach28
MG0983ZM1/M2/M3/ throttle lever with ball connectorEach29
MG0984ZM1/M2/M3/ Accelerator pedal to throttle lever connecting linkEach30
MG0985AM1/M2/M3/ Float chamber with centre stud (30 deg angle)Each34
MG0986AM1/M2/M3/ Throttle stop adjusting screwEach31
MG0986BM1/M2/M3/ Throttle stop springEach31a
MG0986ZPA/ Carburettor float£22.50Each35
MG0987AM1/M2/M3/ Connector for throttle spindlesEach32
MG0988AM1/M2/M3/ FloatEach33
MG0988BM1/M2/M3/ Float needle and seat assemblyEach37
MG0988CM1/M2/M3/ Float level leverEach38
MG0988ZM1/M2/M3/ Throttle lever with screw stopEach33
MG0989AM1/M2/M3/ Float level lever hinge pinEach39
MG0990AM/D/P/NA/ Float chamber (front outlet, L/H)Each36
MG0990BF/J/L/K/ Float chamber lid (front outlet, R/H)Each36
MG0991AM1/M2/M3/ Float tickler pin assembly£14.00Each40
MG0992AM1/M2/M3/ Float chamber cap nut & washerEach41
MG0993AM1/M2/M3/ Float lid filterEach42
MG0994AM5/ Float lid to feed pipe unionEach43
MG0995AM1/M2/M3/ Double banjo unionEach44
MG0996AM1/M2/M3/ Banjo ballEach45
MG0997AM1/M2/M3/ Front chamber holding up boltEach46
MG0998AM1/M2/M3/ Carburettor overhaul gasket set (1 per carb)Each49

We offer a full rebuild service on all MG carburettors by qualified staff and can quote for any type from 1926 – 1955, including racing specification models.