MMM Clutch – Models C/J4/L/K/P/K/N (P21)


Difficulty in obtaining a clutch or correct clutch adjustment is often experienced when assembling the P/N clutch. This is usually due to an incorrect combination of an early, thicker, clutch driven plate (Part No. 663), (identified by cork inserts in the lining), matched to a late, thicker clutch pressure plate (Part No. 662) or vice versa.

It is essential that the thinner clutch pressure plate of 25/32″ thickness is matched to the thicker cork inserted clutch driven plate; and the thicker pressure plate (Part No. 662) of 27/32″ is matched to the thinner clutch driven plate (Part No. 665).

• Available in secondhand condition only.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0648ZC/J4/L/ Clutch spigot bearing housingEach3
MG0649AC/J4/L/ Clutch springs (set of 6)Set of 64
MG0650ZC/J4/L/ Clutch centre floating plate (lined)Each8
MG0651AC/J4/L/ Clutch driven plate (rear)Each7a
MG0652ZC/J4/L/ Alloy clutch cover plateEach10
MG0653AC/J4/L/ Clutch toggle springsSet of 611
MG0653BC/J4/L/ Toggle spring fulcrum pinSet of 312
MG0654ZC/J4/L/ Clutch operating fingerSet of 313
MG0655ZC/J4/L/ Clutch finger pivot pinSet of 314
MG0656ZC/J4/L/ Clutch finger adjustment srew & nutSet of 315
MG0657AC/J4/L/ Hardened clutch operating pinsSet of 416
MG0658ZC/J4/L/ Clutch thrust bearing cover (saucer)Each19
MG0659AC/J4/L/ Your clutch thrust plate relinedEach20
MG0659ZC/J4/L/ Clutch thrust plate (lined)Each21
MG0565ZC/J4/L/K/ FlywheelEach1
MG0622AD/F/J/M/OHC/C/L/P/M3/ Clutch spigot bearing (with seal)£23.50Each2
MG0627AD/F/J/M/OHC/C/L/ Hardened clutch thrust buttons£4.73Set of 36
MG0635Z Clutch thrust bearing carrierEach17
MG0636AD/J/M/OHC/C/L/ Clutch thrust bearing£155.00Each18
MG0638AD/F/J/C/L/ Alloy pressure plate£95.00Each5
MG0638Z2nd hand Alloy pressure plate£45.00Each5
MG0639AD/F/J/C/L/ Clutch driven (centre) plate£115.00Each7
MG0639Z2nd hand Clutch driven (centre) plate£35.00Each7
MG0640AD/F/J/C/L/ Clutch lining set c/w rivets (2 sets for C,L,J4)£36.05Per set9
MG0660ZP/N/someK/ Clutch spigot bearing housingEach3
MG0661ZP/N/someK/ Clutch pressure plate (up to engine No 2001AP)Each4
MG0662ZP/N/someK/ Clutch pressure plate (from engine No 2002AP)Each4a
MG0663Y Clutch driven plate - centre only£22.50Each5
MG0663ZP/N/someK/ Clutch driven plate (up to engine No 2001AP)Each5
MG0664AP/N/someK/ Your clutch driven plate relined & recorked£67.00Each5a
MG0665ZP/N/someK/ Clutch driven plate (from engine No 2002AP)Each6
MG0666AP/N/someK/ Lining set for clutch plate for part 565Set6a
MG0667AP/N/someK/ Clutch springs (set of 12)Set of 127
MG0668AP/N/someK/ Insulating pads (from engine No 2002AP)Set of 127a
MG0669ZP/N/someK/ Clutch cover plate, complete£225.00Each8
MG0670AP/N/someK/ Clutch toggle springs (mousetrap style)Set of 49
MG0670BP/N/someK/ Toggle spring fulcrum pinSet of 410
MG0671ZP/N/someK/ Clutch operating finger & pinSet of 411
MG0672ZP/N/someK/ Clutch finger adjusting screw & pinSet of 412
MG0673ZP/N/someK/ Clutch operating finger mounting bolt assySet of 413
MG0674AP/N/someK/ Clutch thrust bearing and cover£65.00Each15
MG0675AP/N/someK/ Clutch thrust pressure pad, linedEach16
MG0635Z Clutch thrust bearing carrierEach14
MG0622AD/F/J/M/OHC/C/L/P/M3/ Clutch spigot bearing (with seal)£23.50Each2
MG0566ZP/N/ FlywheelEach1