MMM Dashboards, Gauges & Fittings (P51)


Owners of NB Models must refer to this section (only the shape of the board and the reversal of the positions of the dashlamps and 2″ gauges differ from that shown).

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1408AT3/P/N/ Dash panel socket, red/black£18.00Set8
MG1408B2 pin plug to fit MG1408 dash panel sockets red/black£12.00Each
MG1414AP/N/ Instrumnent panel, chrome edge, brown paint, MG motifEach3
MG1414BF2/J2/L// Instrumnent panel, chrome edge, black MG motifEach3
MG1415AF2/J2/L/ Ampmeter 1 5/8", Lucas -20/+20, black face£180.00Each5
MG1415BP/N/ Ampmeter 1 5/8", Lucas -20/+20, brown face£180.00Each5
MG1416AF2/J2/L/ Oil gauge 1 5/8", Jaeger 0-160, black face£180.00Each6
MG1416BP/N/ Oil pressure gauge 1 5/8", Smith 0-160, brown face£180.00Each6
MG1416CP/N/ Oil pressure gauge 1 5/8", Jaeger 0-160, brown face£180.00Each6
MG1416DF2/J2/L/ Oil gauge 1 5/8", Smith 0-160, black face£180.00Each6
MG1417AP/N/ Holding clamp and insulating ring for MG1417Each7a
MG1417ZP/N/ Ignition/light switch, PLC2, black facel (restored)£215.00Each7
MG1418AF2/J2/L/T3/P/N/ Ignition warning lamp£22.50Each9
MG1418BChrome bezel for warning lamp£5.00Each
MG1418ZF2/J2/L/T3/P/N/ Original ignition warning lamp£95.00Each9
MG1419AF2/J2/L/T4/upto 18883 Horn button/dip switch black£78.79Each16
MG1419BP/N/ Chrome base for MG1419£18.00Each16a
MG1419CK/P/N/ Horn button/dip switch, brown£87.5016
MG1419DRear of panel plate to secure horn button£12.00Each
MG1422AF2/J2/L/P/N/ 5" chrome octagonal instrument bezelEach18
MG1423AP/N/ 2" Water temp gauge, Jaeger, brown face£235.00Each20
MG1423BF2/J2/L/ 2" Water temp gauge, Jaeger, black face£235.00Each20
MG1424AP/N/ 2" Oil temp gauge, Smiths or Jaeger, brown face£235.00Each22
MG1424BF2/J2/L/ 2" Oil temp gauge, Smiths or Jaeger, black face£235.00Each22
MG1425AP/N/ 2" Lever wind clock, Jaeger, brown faceEach23
MG1425BF2/J2/L/ 2" Lever wind clock, Jaeger, black faceEach23
MG1426AP/N/ 2" Electric clock, Jaeger, brown faceEach23a
MG1426BPB/NB/ 2" Electric clock, Jaeger, black faceEach23a
MG1427AF2/J2/L/P/N/ 2" chrome, octagonal instrument bezel£18.00Each21
MG1432AL/P/N/ D43 Drivers helmet dash lamp, black c/w bulb£60.00Each24
MG1432BL/P/ND43 / Drivers helmet dash lamp, brown c/w bulb£60.00Each24
MG1433AL/P/N/ Dash lamp switch, pull/push, brown knob£45.00Each13
MG1433BP/N/ Fog lamp switch, pull/push, brown knob£45.00Each13
MG1437APB/NB/ Chrome 3" octagonal instrument bezelEach11
MG1441AT3/P/N Dash trim surround, Chrome on brass, 2 pieceSet2
MG1441BChrome dash board trim (2 piece)Set2
MG1442AP/N/T4/ Cluster panel fixing bolts, chrome domed, sq shank£1.50Each4
MG1445AP/N/ Trafficator switch, browM3nobs, push to make£45.00Each14
MG1448AP/N/ Complete dash operated petrol reserve system£265.00Each
MG1448BP/N/ petrol reserve system less tap assembly£40.00Each
MG1449AP/N Dash knob for petrol reserve system£22.50Each
MG1449BP/N Rod and spigot for petrol reserve system£22.50Each19
MG1449CPA/PB/ Mounting brkt for MG1450A£9.95Each
MG1449TP/N/ Petrol reserve tap only (top exit)£187.50Each19b
MG1450AJ2/F2/L2/ Main reserve tap only. (Top of tank)£195.83Each
MG1450BJ2/F2/L2/ Curly feed pipes for main reserve tap£42.00Per pair
MG1451AT3/P/N/ Passenger grab handle, chrome, MG crested£25.00Each25
MG1452AT3/P/N/ Scuttle mounted rear view mirror, chrome £31.02Each26
MG1452BT3/P/N/ Scuttle mounted rear view mirror, replacement mirror£15.51Each
MG1460APB/NB Standard panel, Burr Walnut finishEach1
MG1460BPB/NB Deluxe panel, Burr Walnut finishEach1
MG1461APB/NB/ 3" Jaeger speedometer 0-85mph brown faceEach10
MG1462APB/NB/ 30mph lampEach15

NB. All our gauges are original units and may be purchased on an outright or exchange basis.