MMM Engine (Early Style) Lower (P16)


The exploded views of a J series engine opposite are given only as a guide to the general placement of all parts on an early MG o.h.c. engine. Individual MMM MG engines differ and reference should be made to the manual appropriate to the car in question to ascertain individual part identification.
Most engine parts are available for every O.H.C. MG Model, either in new or secondhand form.

REMEMBER – All parts illustrated are J Series components.


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0423AM6/ St/St cylinder block water jacket plate£42.00Per pair2
MG0425AM6/ Cylinder block (bare)£1800.00Each1
MG0425BM5/ Front of block to dynamo gasket£7.95Each
MG0425CM5/ Rear of block to flywheel assy gasket£7.95Each
MG0425Z2nd hand Cylinder block (bare)£250.00Each1
MG0426AM6/ Cylinder block water inlet pipeEach4
MG0427AM5/ Cylinder block drain cock£20.83Each5
MG0428AM5/ Rear main bearing sleeve£355.00Each6
MG0428BM5/ Modified rear main bearing sleeve£425.00Each6a
MG0428ZM5/ Rear main (flywheel) housingEach6
MG0429ZM5/ Starter pinion inspection plugEach7
MG0430AM1/M2/M3/ Starter motor 12V Lucas M35 - Outright£365.00Each8
MG0430BM1/M2/M3/ Starter motor 12V Lucas M35 - Service exchange£265.00Each8
MG0430CM1/M2/M3/ Starter motor dust coverEach
MG0430DM1/M2/M3/ Starter motor 6V Lucas M35 - Outright£365.00Each8
MG0430EM1/M2/M3/ Starter motor 6V Lucas M35 - Service exchange£265.00Each8
MG0431ZM5/ Starter motor spacing ringEach9
MG0432ZM5/ Front main bearing housing£265.00Each10
MG0433AM5/ Shim for MG0433Each11a
MG0433BViton seal (to replace MG0465)£7.20Each
MG0433ZM5/ Front engine cover plate £120.00Each11
MG0434AM1/M2/M3/ Dynamo 6V -Fully restored -no exchange unit£445.00Each12
MG0434BM1/M2/M3/ Dynamo 12V -Fully restored no exchange£595.00Each12
MG0434ZM1/M2/M3/ Dynamo 12V -Fully restored service exchange£425.00Each12
MG0435AM5/ Dynamo universal drive fork - shallowEach13
MG0435BM5/ Dynamo universal drive fork - deepEach13
MG0436AM5/ Woodruff key for MG0435/MG0435AEach14
MG0437AM1/M2/NT/ Bolt for flexible drive coupling£33.60Each15
MG0437BM1/M2/NT/ Aerotight nut for MG0437£0.75Each15
MG0438AM5/ Dynamo base shims (.003, .005, .007, .015)£22.50Each16
MG0439ZM5/ Dynamo bottom bevel wheel£65.00Each17
MG0440ZM5/ Bottom bevel wheel securing boltEach18
MG0441ZM5/ Tab washer for MG0440Each19
MG0442AM5/ Your distributor fully reconditionedEach20
MG0442ZM5/ Distributor - completeEach20
MG0443AM5/ Distributor capEach21
MG0443BM5/ Distributor lead set (cloth type - caps NOT inc)Each
MG0444AM5/ Rotor arm£7.50Each22
MG0444BM3/L/ Rotor arm - 'Butterfly style'£35.00Each22
MG0444CM3/L/ Rotor arm - 'DJ distributor'£22.50Each22
MG0445AM5/ Condenser£9.0Each23
MG0445BM5/ Condenser clip£9.00Each
MG0446AM1/M2/M3/TA Lucas type contact point set£11.85Each24
MG0446BM/ Early M type contact point set £35.00Each24
MG0446CM1/M2/M3/TA Lucas type contact point setEach24
MG0446DM1/M2/M3/TA Lucas type contact point setEach24
MG0447ZM5/ Distributor to housing locking plateEach25
MG0448ZM5/ Distributor drive dogEach26
MG0449AM5/ Oil pump to body gasket£0.95Each
MG0449BM5/ Oil pump lid to oil pump gasket£0.95Each
MG0449CM5/ Oil pump lid£15.00Each
MG0449ZM5/ Oil pump - complete£45.00Each27
MG0450AM5/ Oil pump pressure relief springEach27a
MG0451AM5/ Oil pump driven gearEach28
MG0452AM5/ Oil pump gear set£95.00Each29
MG0453AD/J/F/ Oil pump gear set (new)Each29
MG0454AM/OHC/ 2nd hand Flywheel (no internal step)£45.00Each30
MG0454ZD/F/J/M/OHC/ Flywheel (with internal step)£165.00Each30
MG0455AM5/ Flywheel ring gear- 83teeth (new for MG0454)£150.00Each30a
MG0455ZT Flywheel ring gear- 120teeth (used)£50.00Each30a
MG0456ZM5/ Original crankshaft type£125.00Each31
MG0457AM5/ Crankshaft to flange keyEach31a
MG0458AM5/ Original crankshaft flangeEach32
MG0458BJ2/F2/ Original crankshaft flange£35.00Each32
MG0459AM5/ Crankshaft flange retaining nutEach33
MG0460ZM5/ Main bearing retaining plate tab washerPer p34
MG0461ZM5/ Main bearing retaining plateEach35
MG0462AM5/ Main bearing (single ball type)£225.00Each36
MG0462BM5/ Main bearing (single ball, bronze cage, split race)Each36
MG0463ZM5/ Dynamo bevel drive gear£63.00Each37
MG0464ZM5/ Oil pump & distributor spiral drive gear£65.00Each38
MG0465AM5/ Crankshaft front oil throwerEach39
MG0465BM6/ Keyed c/shaft oil thrower (when 2ndry bearing fitted)Each39a
MG0466AM5/ Crankshaft thrust washerSet of 340
MG0467AM6/ Secondary crankshaft support bearingEach41
MG0468AM5/ Starting handle dogEach42
MG0468BM6/ Short starter dog (when 2ndry bearing fitted)Each42a
MG0469ZM5/ Secondary bearing front cover plate £35.00Each43
MG0470AF/ Original pattern con rod (1 1/2" journals) AlloyEach44
MG0470ZM6/ Original pattern con rod (1 1/2" journals)Each44
MG0471AM6/ Big end bolt for MG0470£7.00Each45
MG0471BF/ Big end nut for MG0470A£2.00Each45a
MG0472AM5/ Piston, 57mm, 3 ring, grooved gudgeon pin£500.00Set of 446
MG0472BCosworth racing piston 58mm£900.00Set of 446
MG0472CTA +30 Piston set NOS£160.00Set of 446
MG0473AM6/ Crankshaft, EN408 c/w rear journals flange & tip sealEach47
MG0474AM6/ Fully floating con rod for high performance£1196.00Set of 448
MG0474BBearing shells -.030£45.00Set of 8
MG0474Z2nd hand Con rod£15.00Each48
MG0475AM5/ Piston, 57mm, 3 ring, fully floating gudgeon pinsEach49
MG0476AM6/ Sump. Fully machined and finned alloyEach50
MG0476BM6/ Sump drain plugEach50b
MG0476CN/D/J/ Sump gasket£8.95
MG0477ZF/ Sump. Fully machined and finned alloyEach50a
MG0478ZM5/ Sump filter & unionEach51
MG0527AM5/ Sump to pump oil pipeEach52
MG0527BM/J/D/ Oil drain pipe (vert. drive gallery to front housing)Each52
MG0715AM6/ Water jacket side plate gasket£3.95Each3