MMM Engine (Early Style) Upper (P17)


The exploded view of a J series engine opposite are given only as a guide to the general placement of all parts on an early MG o.h.c. engine. Individual MMM MG engines differ and reference should be made to the manual appropriate to the car in question to ascertain individual part identification.

Most engine parts are available for every O.H.C. MG Model, either in new or secondhand form.

REMEMBER – All parts illustrated are J Series components except Nos. 4A & 7.


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0479AM5/ Cylinder head stud£69.50Set2
MG0479BM5/ Cylinder head stud nut£1.80Each3
MG0480AM5/ Origig pattern adj rocker, EN398B hardened & ground£372.00Set of 84
MG0480BM5/ Non adj rockerSet4a
MG0481AJ/ Rocker bush, eccentric, circlip type, inc circlip£71.60Set of 85
MG0482AJ/ Rocker bush circlipSet6
MG0483ZM/D/F/ Rocker bush, eccentric, with locM3utSet7
MG0484AM/D/ Rocker shaft£36.00Per pair8
MG0484BJ/Rocker shaft£36.00Per pair8
MG0484CP/ Rocker shaft£39.00Per pair8
MG0484DL/K/ Rocker shaft£42.00Per pair8
MG0484EN/ Rocker shaft£42.00Per pair8
MG0484FF/ Rocker shaft£42.00Per pair8
MG0485AJ/P/L/N/K/ Rocker shaft locking bolt without spigot£3.50Set9
MG0485ZM/D/P/M2/M3/ Rocker shaft locking bolt with spigot£3.50Set9
MG0486AM/D/ Rocker shaft spacer set£14.42Set10
MG0486BJ/ Rocker shaft spacer set£27.30Set10
MG0486CPA/PB/ Rocker shaft spacer set£27.30Set10
MG0486DL/N/K/ Rocker shaft spacer set£38.63Set10
MG0486EFT/ Rocker shaft spacer set£25.21Set10
MG0487AAll/ Rocker shaftbelleville thrust washer£4.40Set11
MG0488AJ/ Rocker shaft central supportPer pair12
MG0489AJ/ Rocker shaft rear support castingEach13
MG0490AM/D/ Camshaft, hardened & ground£305.00Each14
MG0490BM/D/ Race camshaft, hardened & ground£315.00Each14
MG0490CJ/ Camshaft, hardened & ground£305.00Each14
MG0490DF/ Camshaft, hardened & ground£375.00Each14
MG0490EF/ Race camshaft, hardened & ground (improved timing)£395.00Each14
MG0490FP/ Camshaft, hardened & ground£350.00Each14
MG0490GP/ Race camshaft, hardened & ground (improved timing)£335.00Each14
MG0490HN/ Camshaft, hardened & ground£495.00Each14
MG0490JN/ Race camshaft, hardened & ground (improved timing)£515.00Each14
MG0490KL/ Camshaft, hardened & ground£507.00Each14
MG0490LL/ Race camshaft, hardened & ground (improved timing)£515Each14
MG0491AM6/ Camshaft bearing set (standard bore)£69.50Set15
MG0491BF/ Camshaft bearing set (standard bore)£79.50Set15
MG0492AM/D/J/F/ Camshaft thrust washer£8.09Each16
MG0492BD/J/F/ Camshaft Belleville washer£0.55Each16
MG0493BM5/ Rev counter drive cable union (LH thread)Each17
MG0494AM5/ Front camshaft stand c/w cap£205.00Each18
MG0494ZM5/ Front camshaft cap£35.00Each18
MG0495AM5/ Intermediate camshaft stand c/w cap£155.00Each19
MG0495ZM5/ Intermediate camshaft stand c/w cap£55.00Each19
MG0496AM5/ New camshaft driven gear (straight cut gears)Each20
MG0496ZM5/ Camshaft driven gear£35.00Each20
MG0497AM5/ New vertical drive pinion gear (straight cut gear)Each21
MG0497ZM5/ Vertical drive pinion gear (parallel end)£45.00Each21
MG0498AM5/ New matched pair of vertical drive gears£218.00Per pair22
MG0499AM5/ Vertical drive pinnion thrust washer£9.50Each23
MG0500AJ/ New cylinder head. Fully machined less seats£1950.00Each1
MG0500BM/D/ CylInder head. BareEach1
MG0500CJ/ CylInder head. BareEach1
MG0500DF/ CylInder head. BareEach1
MG0500ZM/OHC CylInder head. Bare£300.00Each1
MG0501AAll/ Torrington vertical drive bearings£68.00Per pair24
MG0502AM5/ Uprated vertical drive oil drain gallery£125.00Each25
MG0502BM5/ Orig pattern vertical drive oil drain gallery£125.00Each25
MG0502CM5/ Orig pattern vertical drive oil drain gallery£125.00Each25
MG0503AVertical drive gallery shims (0.005)£4.95Each26
MG0503BVertical drive gallery shims (0.010)£4.95Each26
MG0504AD/F/ Vertical drive oil seal conversion housing£26.67Each27
MG0505AD/F/ Upper neoprene lip seal for vertical drive housing£2.50Each28
MG0505BD/F/ Lower neoprene lip seal for vertical drive housing£2.50Each28
MG0506AD/F/ Steel forged vertical drive fork - deep (parallel bore)£42.00Each29
MG0506BD/F/ Steel forged vertical drive fork - shallow (parallel)£42.00Each29
MG0507AD/F/ Woodruff key for vertical drive fork£1.00Each30
MG0508AD/F/ Vertical drive flexible coupling£23.75Each31
MG0509AM/D/F/ Inlet valve, alloy steel£16.75Each33
MG0509BM/D/F/ Exhaust valve, alloy steel£16.75Each33
MG0510AJ/ Inlet valve, alloy steel£18.00Each33a
MG0511AJ/ Exhaust valve, alloy steel£18.00Each34
MG0512AM6/ Valve hat for use with reprofiled camshaftSet of 835
MG0512BF/ Valve hat for use with reprofiled camshaftSet of 1235
MG0513AM1/M2/M3/ Valve guide 2 1/2" - exhaust - bronze£8.75Each36
MG0513BM1/M2/M3/ Valve guide 2 1/4" - inlet - bronze£8.75Each36
MG0513CF/ Valve guide 2 1/4" - bronze£8.75Each36
MG0513DF/ Valve guide 2 1/2" - steelSet of 1236
MG0514AM/D/F/ Valve springs - singles£15.00set of 437
MG0515AM/D/F/J/ Valve springs - doubles (per 4)£24.00set of 438
MG0515BJ/P/L/N/K/ Race quality Valve springs - doubles£22.00set of 438
MG0516AM1/M2/M3/ Valve cotters - per 8/2£33.00set of 439
MG0517AJ/F/L/K/ Valve cap (cotter retainer)£4.50Each40
MG0517BP/N/ Valve cap (cotter retainer)£4.50Each40
MG0518AM5/P/L/M3/ Cylinder head oil metering pin£13.95Each41
MG0519AM/J/D/ Cylinder head core plugsSet of 342
MG0519BF/ Cylinder head core plugsSet of 442
MG0520AM/J/D/ Alloy rocker cover£160.00Each43
MG0521ZF/ Alloy rocker coverEach43a
MG0522AM/J/D/ Rocker cover to cylinder head securing brkts£20.00Each44
MG0522BF/ Rocker cover to cylinder head securing brktsEach44
MG0523AM/J/D/F/ Rocker cover securing knob - knurled£11.00Each45
MG0524AM/J/D/ Brass union for rev counter cable connection£13.75Each46
MG0525ZM/J/D/ Oil feed pipe (Block front housing to metering pin)Each47
MG0526ZM/J/D/ Oil drain pipe (cylinder head to base of block)Each48
MG0527AM5/ Sump to pump oil pipeEach49
MG0527BM/J/D/ Oil drain pipe (vert. drive gallery to front housing)Each
MG0528AM/D/ Sparking plug (18mm Champion 7)Set of 450
MG0528CJ/ Sparking plug (14mm NGK B6HS)£4.50Set of 450
MG0528XF/ Sparking plug (18mm Champion 7)Set of 650