MMM Firewalls, Fittings & Electrical (P31)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0736AMMM Lucas Q6 coil. 6 volt, new and original part£25.00Each1
MG0737AAll models Lucas style Q12 coil. 12 volt£36.92Each1a
MG0737BTC/TD/ Lucas Q12 coil (sport version) 12 volt£15.17Each
MG0738ZM1/M2/M3/C/ Cutout/fuse box assembly CJ1Each2
MG0739ZM1/M2/M3/C/ Cutout/fuse box assembly CJF1Each3
MG0740AP/N/ Cutout/fusebox assembly CJR2£375.00Each4
MG0741ZT2/ Cutout/fuse box assembly CJR3 £375.00Each5
MG0742ZS/V/W/TB Regulator/fuse box assembly Each6
MG0743ATC/ Voltage regulator RF91 (enclosed fuses)£235.00Each
MG0744ZTC/TD/ Voltage regulator RF95/2 (exposed fuses)£195.00Each7
MG0745CTD/TF/ Voltage regulator RB106Each8
MG0746AMMM type 4 way fuse box (51mm diam)£15.00Each9
MG0746ZMMM Junction box 2" Press type capEach
MG0747AMMM Junction box screw type cap (38mm diam)£15.00Each9a
MG0748AAll models Headlamp bulb holder c/w cover & clip£19.00Each
MG0749A4.5 amp fuse£0.20Each
MG0749B25 amp fuseEach
MG0749C35 amp fuseEach