MMM Gearboxes (P24)


For individual internal gearbox parts and general assembly, please refer to the individual manual for the MG model you are working on.
To date, no new parts are made for MMM gearboxes (except where indicated below), but the supply of almost all parts are readily available in secondhand condition, though It should be noted that gears and gear clusters in good or little worn condition are now very rare.


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0819ZMMM Transmission mounted handbrake assy (1929 only)Each9
MG0820AMMM Gearbox remote controlEach1
MG0820BMMM Gearbox turret to suit MG0820AEach2
MG0821AJ1/J2/J3/ Bell housing c/w pedal shaft (no pedal)Each4
MG0822AAll models except M Grease tray for MG0822BEach
MG0822BAll models except M Gear lever/selectorEach5
MG0822CAll models except M Gear lever anti rattle springEach
MG0822DD/F/J/M2/ Gearbox remote control turret (no reverse stop)Each
MG0822EP/M3/ Gearbox remote control turret c/w reverse stop brktEach
MG0822ZAll models except M Gearbox remote control less gearknob£500.00Each
MG0823ZJ/L/KB/P/N/ Aluminium gearbox housing only (bare)£80.00Each10
MG0824ZJ/L/KB/P/N/ Steel rear gearbox housing plate£80.00Each11
MG0825ZJ/K/L/ Gearbox complete (less bell housing and remote)Each3
MG0826ZAll models 1st motion shaftEach12
MG0827ZAll models 1st motion shaft bearing retaining clipEach13
MG0828ZAll models 1st motion shaft cover dust (clutch thrust suppt)Each14
MG0829ZJ/L/KB/P/N/ Gear selector interlock plateEach15
MG0830ZPA/NA/ Gearbox complete (no bell housing or remote)Each6
MG0831ZL/KB/P/N/ Bell housing c/w support tube & pedal shaftEach7
MG0832ZAll models Gearbox bell housing pedal shaftEach16
MG0833AM6/ Pedal shaft & bushingsPer pair16a
MG0834ZD/J/L/KB/P/N/ Gearbox to propshaft joint flange-6 boltEach17
MG0835ZPB/NB/ Gearbox complete (no bell housing or remote)Each6a
MG0836A Gearbox to propshaft flexi joint£95.00Each
MG0836Z Gearbox to propshaft flexi joint£25.00Each
MG0837ZPB/NB/ Gearbox to prop joint flange-square 4 boltEach18
MG0838AD/J/L/KB/P/N/ Gearbox clutch inspection cover MG logoEach19
MG0839AF/C/J4/ Gearbox clutch inspection cover ENV logoEach19a
MG0840ZF/Magna/ Gearbox type ENV-c/w remote controlEach8
MG0841ACross tube/gearbox brackets (pair)£150.00Pair20
MG0841ZD/F/J/ Brake pedal support brkt-chassis rail mountEach20
MG0842AN/ Brake pedal support brkt-clamp to gearboxEach21
MG0842ZL/K/P/N/ Brake pedal support brkt-clamp to gearboxEach21
MG0843AN/ Nearside gearbox cross tube support brktEach21a
MG0843ZL/K/P/N/ Nearside gearbox cross tube support brktEach21a
MG0844ASH Clutch pedal£45.00Each22
MG0844BAll/ Brake pedal£75.00Each22
MG0845AD/F/J/ Draught excluder panel to take bottom fume seal£69.50Each23
MG0845ZC/J4/ Gearbox type ENV-cross tube mounting & remoteEach
MG0846AAll models 10 Tooth speedo cable driven pinionsEach
MG0846BAll models 12 Tooth speedo cable driven pinionsEach
MG0846CAll models 14 Tooth speedo cable driven pinionsEach
MG0847AAll models 4 Tooth drive gear for (MG0846) pinionsEach
MG0847BAll models 5 Tooth drive gear for (MG0846) pinionsEach
MG0847CAll models 8 Tooth drive gear for (MG0846) pinionsEach
MG0848AAll models Bronze bush to connect speedo cable to pinionsEach


Original MG versions of this gearbox were characterised by the bell-housing joining the gearbox itself, to the engine to which it was connected. We are rarely in a position these days to offer original MG versions of this box. but it is important to note that bell-housings and final drive shafts are now available from us to allow ‘Wilson’ pre-select gearboxes from pre-war Rileys, Lagondas and AC motor cars to be adapted to fit MGs. In the main, the adaptions are straightforward and can be carried out by us on a customer’s behalf. Please enquire for further details.

For the breakdown, operation and application of this type of gearbox we would refer you to the relevant chapter in W.E. Blowers’ book – ‘The Complete MG Workshop Manual’ .