MMM Racing Components (P82)


lt is recognised that many customers who have graduated to entering their MGs in the various forms of motor sport have the knowledge and ability to make and modify many accessories connected with increasing the performance of the standard engine.

There are also many owners who would like to make the break into hill-climbing, sprints and even racing and we are able to give advice, help and information towards that end.

We hope the above items selected from our range of specialist racing components and accessories will benefit both experienced and inexperienced enthusiasts.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1264AAll/ Original factory pattern quick release rad filler cap£165.00Each1
MG1265AAll/ Adaption flange for fitting MG1264 to standard radiator£75.00Each1a
MG1266AAll/ Adaption flange for fitting MG1264 to petrol tank£75.00Each1b
MG1735AC/J4/ Frontengine/rad mounting for supercharger drive shaft£180.00Each2
MG1735ZC/J4/ Frontengine/rad mounting for supercharger drive shaft£120.00Each2
MG1736AC/J4/ Front engine housing that accepts water pumpEach3
MG1737AAll/ Nose nounted supercharger drive assembly£295.00Each4
MG1737DMG logoed Supercharger front grill£55.00Each
MG1738AC/J4/ Water pump c/w drive gear5
MG1739AAll/ 1 5/8" carburettor for supercharging£895.00Each6
MG1740AAll/ 2" Bowl c/w float & lid assemblyEach6a
MG1740BAll/ 3" Bowl c/w float & lid assemblyEach
MG1741AJ4/ Split track/drag rod less ball joint endsEach7
MG1742AJ4/ Front axle clamp & swivel arm for divided steering assyEach8
MG1743AQ/K3/ 6" 8000rpm tacho with red warning at +5500rpm£700.00Each9
MG1743BC/ Switch Bezels (set of 7)£80.00Set
MG1744AAll/ 2" Supercharger boost gauge. Black face red/white No'sEach10
MG1745AAll/ Ki gass Fuel injection to s/charger inlet (cold start)Each11
MG1745BAll/ Nose mounted s/charger inlet elbow. Cast/tinnedEach12
MG1746A4C/6C/ Nose mounted s/charger inlet manifold. Cast/tinnedEach13
MG1747AJ/P/ Nose mounted s/charger inlet manifold. £495.00Each14
MG1748AL/M3/ Nose mounted s/charger inlet manifold.Each
MG1749AAll/ Blow off valve assemblyEach15
MG1750AJ/P/ Brooklands outside exhaust manifoldEach16
MG1751AL/M3/ Brooklands outside exhaust manifoldEach
MG1752AAll/ Fishtail - largeEach17
MG1752BAll/ Fishtail - small£235.00Each17
MG1753AAll/ Brooklands original pattern silencer boxEach18
MG1754AAll/ Bonnet straps - black leather with traditional ends£91.67Each19
MG1754BAll/ Bonnet straps - black leather with clip ends£91.67Each
MG1754CAll/ Bonnet straps - brown leather with clip ends£91.67Each
MG1754DAll/ Bonnet straps -Brown leather with traditional ends£91.67Each

NB. Specific applications of all items listed above will be advised by discussion. For those restoring original MG racing cars or replicas of those racing cars, the listed items should be of the utmost help, their purchase giving more time to the restorer to tackle those components that are unviable to produce commercially.