MMM Rear Chassis/Suspension & Axle (P4)


The exploded view of the chassis is representative of all o.h.c models except the M, and must be taken as a guide to the placement of components rather than any one specific model.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0069AAll/ Rear axle casingEach1
MG0070AM1/M2/M3/ Rear axle spacing brkt clampPer pair2
MG0070BM1/M2/M3/ Rear axle spacing brktPer pair2a
MG0071AM4/FT/ Chassis battery carrier£37.50Each
MG0072AT2/ Rear trunnion chassis tubes c/w instructionsPer pair4
MG0072BM4/FT/ Rear trunnion chassis tubes c/w instructionsPer pair4
MG0073AM1/M2/ Phosphur bronze rear trunnion bush£34.00Per 2 pairs5
MG0073BM3/ Phosphur bronze rear trunnion bush£35.00Per 2 pairs5
MG0074AM2/M3/M4/ Rear trunnion spacer 1 1/8"£9.00Each6
MG0074BM2/M4/N/ Rear trunnion spacer 1"£9.00Each6
MG0076AM2/M4/TA Rear trunnion cap (both LH & RH have LH thread)£16.81Per pair8
MG0076BM3/ Rear trunnion cap (both LH & RH have LH thread)£19.06Per pair8
MG0077AM/ Rear road springPer pair9
MG0078AM4/PT/ Rear road springPer pair9a
MG0079AM3/ Rear road springPer pair9b
MG0080AM2/M4/ Rear spring front hanger, hardened & ground£28.75Per pair10
MG0081AM2/M4/ Castle nut for rear spring hangerPer pair10a
MG0082AM2/M4/M3/ Rear road spring upper mounting bracket£24.00Per pair11
MG0082BM2/M4/M3/ Used rear road spring upper mounting bracket£10.00Per pair11
MG0082CT3/ Rear road spring upper mounting bracketPer pair11
MG0083AT3/ Rear spring shock absorber mounting bracketPer pair12
MG0083BM2/M4/M3/ Rear spring shock absorber mounting bracketPer pair12
MG0083CM2/M4/M3/ Rear spring shock absorber mounting bracket£35.00Each12
MG0084AM2/M3/M4/ Rear axle rebound strap & buffer£48.00Per pair13
MG0084BM2/M3/M4/ Rear axle rebound rubber only£10.95Each13
MG0084CNT/ Rear axle rebound strap & buffer£51.00Per pair13
MG0084DNT/KT/ Rear axle rebound rubber only£16.00Each13
MG0085AM/ HT Rear axle U bolt & nuts£30.00Set of 414
MG0085BM4/FT/LT/ HT Rear axle U bolt & nuts£34.50Set of 414
MG0086AM/D/F/J/M2/ Rear hub seal - feltPer pair15
MG0087AP/M3/ Rear hub seal - metal/neoprene£8.75Each16
MG0088AP/M3// Rear hub bearing carrier (metal seal)Per pair17
MG0088BHub carrier stud£3.50Each
MG0088CM2/M4/N/ Rear hub bearing carrier (felt seal)£99.81Each
MG0089AM1/M2/N/ Rear hub bearing (heavy duty)£75.00Each18
MG0089BM1/M2/N/ Rear hub bearing£50.00Each18
MG0089CK/ Rear hub bearing£99.00Each18
MG0090AT3/ Rear hub nut tab washer£4.95Each19
MG0090BAll/exceptK Rear hub nut tab washer£3.00Each19
MG0091AAll/exceptK Rear hub lock nut RH (RH thread)£18.00Each20
MG0091BAll/exceptK Rear hub lock nut LH (LH thread)£18.00Each20
MG0091CT3/ Rear hub lock nut RH (RH thread)Each20
MG0091DT3/ Rear hub lock nut LH (LH thread)Each20
MG0092AJ2/ Half shaft, HT alloy steel£172.00Each21
MG0092BAll/ Half shaft, HT alloy steel£80.00Each21
MG0092Z2nd hand Half shaft, HT alloy steel£20.00Each21
MG0093AAll/exceptK Oil return bush. (pair)£26.67Per pair22
MG0094AM2/M3/M4/ Rear hub, splined RH£85.00Each23
MG0095AM2/M3/M4/ Rear hub, splined LH£85.00Each23
MG0096AM/Rear hub & half shaft as onePer pair23
MG0097AM2/M3/M4/ Rear hub paper gasket£1.50Each24
MG0097BT4/ Rear hub bearing carrier to flange gasketEach24
MG0097CT3/ Rear hub paper gasketEach24
MG0098AM2/M3/M4/ Rear axle to chassis buffer£6.50Each25
MG0099AP/ Special adaptor brkt for friction shock absorbersPer pair26
MG0099BD/F/J/M2/ Chassis shock absorber support bracketPer pair26
MG0100AP/ Luvax hydraulic rear shock absorberPer pair27
MG0100BN/ Luvax hydraulic rear shock absorberPer pair27
MG0100CD/F/J/M2/K/ Rear shock absorberPer pair27
MG0101AD/F/J/M2/K/ Rear shock absorber link armPer pair28
MG0102AD/F/J/M2/K/ Rear shock absorber link arm nut & boltPer pair29
MG0103AD/F/J/M2/K/ Lower rear shock absorbermounting pinPer pair30
MG1117AM2/M3/M4/ Rear trunnion gaitor (neoprene)£13.00Each7
MG0026AAll/ Special castle nut for shock absorber mounting pin£3.50Each31
MG0026BAll/ 7/16" BSF nut for MG0024/25Each32