MMM Rubber Parts (P36)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0715AM6/ Water jacket side plate gasket£3.95Each21
MG0716AP/L/M3/ Water jacket side plate gasket£3.95Each22
MG1110AD/F/J/M2/K/Top firewll fume seal - neoprene£25.21Each1
MG1111AD/F/J/ Bottom firewall seal (to fit part MG0845)£16.81Each2
MG1112AP/ Top firewall seal - Sorbo sponge£9.00Each3
MG1112BL/K/P/N/ Bottom firewall fume seal - Neoprene sponge£18.39Each3a
MG1113AP/N Rear bonnet rest rubber (late PA from PA2210)£19.00Each4
MG1114AT3/P/ W/screen bottom support to body gasketPer pair5
MG1115AAll/ W/screen bottom rail to scuttle draught excluder£10.00Each6
MG1116AM2/M3/M4/ Front trunnion gaitor (neoprene)£15.84Each7
MG1117AM2/M3/M4/ Rear trunnion gaitor (neoprene)£15.84Each8
MG1118AF2/earlyJ2/ Wing fixing bolt under rubbers£4.58Each9
MG1119AM2/M3/M4// Steering column firewall draught excluder£23.85Each10
MG1120ARange/ Radiator support rubber washer£10.50Set of 411
MG1121AM2/M3/M4/ MG insignia for behind door pocket trimPer pair12
MG1122AM5/ Door buffer stops/cups/fittingsPer pair13
MG1123AAll/ Door buffer wedges (can also replace MG1122)£7.92Per pair14
MG1124ALateJ/L/P/M3/T/series Front wing to running board£11.25Per pair15
MG1125AAll/ Side light (wing mount) base rubbers£3.95Per pair16
MG1126AAll/ Bonnet corner rubbers£9.17Set of 417
MG1127AL/K/P/N/T/seres Rubber ferules for side of radiator shell£10.83Per pair18
MG1128AL/K/P/N/T/series Headlamp brkt to front wing joint rubber£5.25Per pair19
MG1129AL/K/P/N/T/series Petrol tank strap 'under' rubbers£12.80Per 30"20