MMM Sheetmetal Work (P64)



CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1170AM1/M2/M3/ Front bonnet hinge end support£8.50Each18
MG1170BPB/NB/ Rear bonnet hinge support£8.50Each18
MG1171AM1/M2/M3/ Rear bonnet hinge supportEach19
MG1560AF2/J2/L2/P/M3/ ScuttleEach1
MG1561AF2/J2/L2/ Petrol tank c/w baffles, breather, unions & neckEach2
MG1561SSt/St petrol tank c/w baffles, breather, unions & neck£595.00Each2
MG1562AP/ Petrol tank c/w baffles, breather, unions & neckEach3
MG1562CFuel tank base outlet (Brass union)£15.00Each
MG1562SSt/St petrol tank c/w baffles, breather, unions & neck£510.00Each3
MG1563AF2/J2/L2/ Spare wheel cradle complete - polished st/steel£475.00Each4
MG1563BF2/J2/L2/ Rear chassis cross tube brkts for mounting MG1563AEach4a
MG1563CSpare wheel carrier adj knobPer pair
MG1563ZF2/J2/L2/ Spare wheel cradle complete - polished st/steel£335.00Each4
MG1564AP/K/ Petrol tank straps - chrome platedEach5
MG1564Z2nd hand Petrol tank straps£20.00Per pair5
MG1565AF1/J1/K1/ Spare wheel locking nut - chrome platedPer pair6
MG1565ZF1/J1/K1/ Spare wheel locking nut - chrome plated£30.00Each6
MG1566ZP/N/ Triangular spare heel mounting, less hub & locM3utEach7
MG1567XL/ Alloy spare wheel carrier spacer£25.00Each
MG1567YL/ Alloy spare wheel carrier£95.00Each
MG1567ZL/P/N/ Alloy spare wheel lock nut hub£95.00Each7a
MG1568AP/N/ Spare wheel mounting to chassis tube clamp (2 piece)£55.00Each7b
MG1569AP/N/ Spare wheel locking nut c/w MG badge, spring & keyEach8
MG1570AF2/J2/L2/ Under bonnet side vallances£324.50Each9
MG1570BF1/J1/ Under bonnet side vallances£324.50Per pair
MG1570CTA/TC/ Under bonnet side vallancesPer pair
MG1571AP/ Under bonnet side vallancesPer pair10
MG1572ASomeL/K/P/N/ Bonnet catch plates£21.00Per pair10a
MG1572Z2nd hand Bonnet catch plates£10.00Each10a
MG1573AF/J/L/ Quality vallance tape - canvas weaveEach11
MG1574AAll/ Rubber strip for petrol tank to body and chassis£52.58Each12
MG1575ZD/F1/J1/ Petrol tank c/w neckSet of 513
MG1576ZL1/ Petrol tank c/w neck & hole for petrol gaugeEach
MG1577ZN/ Petrol tank c/w neck & hole for floatEach14
MG1578AAll/ Bonnet tops - no hinge£430.00Each15
MG1579AAll/ Bonnet sides - louvred with castle hinging£430.00Per pair16
MG1580AAll/ Bonnet hinge - polished st/steel£48.00Per pair17
MG1580BT3/ Bonnet hinge £48.00Each17
MG1581AM/D/F/J/M2/K/PA/ Rear bonnet rest - offset aluminium T sectEach20
MG1582AM/D/F/J/M2/K/PA/ Rear bonnet rest tapePer set21
MG1582BTD/ Bonnet support (pair)£38.00Each
MG1583AJ2/F2/L2/ 2 seater prop shaft tunnel£236.39Each22
MG1584AD/J1/F1/L1/ 4 seater prop shaft tunnelEach
MG1585AP/N/ 2 seater Prop shaft tunnel (2 piece)£196.86Each23
MG1586AP/N/ 4 seater Prop shaft tunnel (2 piece)Each
MG1587APA/PB/ Prop shaft tunnel under panel£23.88Each24
MG1587BD/J/F/L/ Prop shaft tunnel under panel£23.88Each
MG1588AAll/ Prop shaft tunnel under panel mounting U clamps - tallSet of 325
MG1589AAll/ Prop shaft tunnel under panel mounting U clamps - shortSet of 3
MG1590AAll/ Body mounting plates (2 straight, 2 angled)Per set26
MG1591AF2/J2/L2/P/ 2 Seater hood frame£178.00Each27
MG1591ZF2/J2/L2/P/ 2 Seater hood frame£80.00Each
MG1592AD/F1/J1/L1/P/ 4 Seater hood framePer pair
MG1593AM/ Side screen framesEach
MG1594AF2/J2/L2/P/ Side screen framesPer pair28

We are always willing to quote to repair your existing sheetmetal panels but we have found from experience that in many more cases than expected new panels cost less than repairs – however, we appreciate that the essence of restoration is originality, so do discuss your requirements in detail.