MMM Shock Absorbers (P10)


SHOCK ABSORBER TYPE 502S (Singleplate) & 502M (Multiplate)
3 1/2″ diameter.
Type 502S is suitable for any vehicle up to 20 cwt.
Type 502M is suitable for any vehicle up to 40 cwt and on lighter vehicles where particularly strong absorption is needed, such as racing and hill climbs.

The application to MG of the above series type was:
Type 502S – MG ‘M’ Midget (1929-1932). 2 front, 2 rear.
Type 502M – MG ·C· Montlhery racing Midget. 2 front, 2 rear. Shock absorber tension was adjustable from a control knob in the cockpit on some examples.

SHOCK ABSORBER TYPE 506S (Singleplate) & 506 M (Multiplate)
4 1/2″ diameter.
Type 506S is suitable for any vehicle up to 30 cwt.
Type 506M is suitable for any vehicle up to 40 cwt and on lighter vehicles where particularly strong absorbtion is needed, such as racing and hill climbs.

The application to MG of the above series type was:
Type 506S – MG D, J1, J2, J3, F1, F2, F3, L1, L2 – 2 front, 2 rear. PA (up to chassis 2142).
2 front. Luvax hydraulic rear.
Type 506M – MG J4 (2 front, 2 rear); Q racing midget (2 front only, Luvax hydraulic rear);
K3 racing Magnette (2 front, 4 rear); MG NA/NB 2 front only (Chassis Nos. NA0251-NA0796), Luvax hydraulic rear; MG K1, K2, KN (2 front, 2 rear).

The shock absorber types described above were of the early pattern ( 1929-1935) where brass or steel cups were rivetted to the centre arms and the wood friction disc sat inside the cup giving 2 cups and 2 friction discs per single plate shock absorber (see illustration above); and 4 cups and 4 discs per multiplate shock absorber. This early type were most easily identified by the rounded edges of the arms; and the Silentbloc bushed ends were rivetted to the arms.

The later pattern type 506 shock absorber (post 1935) does not have rounded edge arms or rivetted bushed ends. The brass cups are not rivetted to the inside arms but are set between two wooden friction discs located by a centre hub bush. There are 2 brass cups per single plate unit and 4 friction discs of half the thickness used in the early types (described earlier.). The Duplex later type had 4 brass cups and 8 friction discs.

The application to MG of t he late series type was:

Type 506S-PA (from Chassis PA 2143), PB models, and very early 1936 TA models (exact Chassis Numbers unknown).
Type 506M-NA & NB (from Chassis NA 0797) (front only: Luvax hydraulic rears.)

(Many owners prefer the rounded lines of the early pattern and they can be fitted to models originally using the later style, without any ill effects.).

Whilst we do not list the breakdown of the later pattern type 506, or the 3 1/2″ type 502 series, both complete shock absorbers and all individual parts are readily available.


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0400A4 1/2" Single plate 506S front shock absorber complete£120.00Each1
MG0400B" Single plate 502S front shock absorber complete£115.00Each1
MG0401A4 1/2" Duplex type 506M front shock absorber complete£165.00Each2
MG0401B3 1/2" Duplex type 502M front shock absorber complete£155.00Each2
MG0402A4 1/2" Single plate 506S rear shock absorber completeEach3
MG0402B3 1/2" Single plate 502S rear shock absorber completeEach3
MG0403ARear shock absorber drop link c/w bushEach4
MG0404ADrop link to shock absorber connecting nut & boltEach5 & 8
MG0405ASpecial multiplate rear shock absorber for K3 and racersEach6
MG0408ASpecial drop link for part number MG0405Each7
MG0409ABracket for friction shock absorber (hydralic type P series)Each9
MG0410A4 1/2" Shock absorber outer hat (less silentbloc bush)Each10
MG0411A4 1/2" Centre hat (less silentbloc bush)Each11
MG0411B4 1/2" Rear shock absorber centre plateEach11
MG0412ASilentbloc bush type EI 164£10.10Each12
MG0413ABrass cup to support friction disc (rivet type)£8.50Each13
MG0413BBrass cup to support friction disc£8.50Each13
MG0414A4 3/8" Wood friction disc£8.00Each14
MG0415BCentre locking bush, washers and rivetsPer set15
MG0416ARear domed backing plateEach16
MG0417AUpper brass plate to accept dial transferEach17
MG0418A4 1/4" Dial transfer plate£7.95Each18
MG0418B3 1/4" Dial transfer plate£7.95Each18
MG0419AStar spider spring (large)Each19
MG0420AStar spider spring (small)Each20
MG0421ATension indicator pointerEach21
MG0422AShock absorber centre boltEach22
MG0422BNut for shock absorber centre boltEach22A
MG0100AP/ Luvax hydraulic rear shock absorberPer pair25
MG0100BN/ Luvax hydraulic rear shock absorberPer pair26