MMM and T Type Speedo and Tacho Cables (P52)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1453AM61/F1/ Speedo/Odo cable - Govenor/Smiths Key£45.00Each
MG1454AF2/earlyJ2/ Speedo/Odo cable - ERF/Smiths Key£45.00Each
MG1455AJ2/L/K/P/M3N/ Speedo/Odo cable - Jaeger/Smiths Key£45.00Each
MG1456ASpeedo/Odo cable - Nemag/Smiths Key£45.00Each
MG1457ARev counter cable - Jaeger/Camshaft spade£45.00Each
MG1458ARev counter cable - Nemag/Camshaft spade£45.00Each
MG1464AT2/ Speedo/Odo cable - Jaeger/Smiths Key£55.00Each
MG1465ATC/TD/ Speedo/Odo cable - Nemag/Smiths Key£55.00Each
MG1466AT2/ Rev counter cable - Jaeger/Jaeger£55.00Each
MG1467AT2/ Rev counter cable - Jaeger/Nemag£55.00Each
MG1468ATC/TD/TF/ Rev counter cable - Nemag/Nemag£55.00Each

Be certain to state carefully the cable end ‘NAMES’ when ordering.