MMM & T Type Electrical & Ignition (P32)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0929AT2/ Starter motor switch - cable operated£22.50Each23
MG0931ATC/ Starter motor switch - cable operated£45.00Each24
MG1058AAll/ CondensorEach8
MG1059AT3/ Rotor arm£7.50Each9
MG1060AM/ Distributor cap (4 cyl)Each10
MG1061AJ/P/TA/ Distributor cap (4 cyl)Each10
MG1062AF/L/ Distributor cap (6 cyl)Each12
MG1063AM3/lateL/ Distributor cap (6 cyl)£95.00Each12
MG1064AT5/ Distributor cap (4 cyl)£21.95Each12
MG1064BT5/ Contact point set£11.85Each12
MG1065AAll/ Distributor cap nuts & brass washers (4 cyl models)Per set
MG1066BAll/ Distributor cap nuts & brass washers (6 cyl models)Per set
MG1067AM5/K/L/N/ Distributor drive dogEach
MG1068ZT4/ Distributor drive gearEach11
MG1069AAll/ Starter motor brushesPer set12
MG1070AAll/ Generator brushesPer set12
MG1071AM/ 6v Petrol pump AUA25Each13
MG1072AM2/M3/M4/ 12v Petrol pump AUA25£102.00Each13a
MG1072Z2nd Hand 12v Petrol pump£20.00Each13
MG1073AAll/ Petrol pump right angle elbowEach14
MG1074ADouble petrol pumpEach15
MG1075ZD/F/J/earlyL/ Petrolift 12vEach16
MG1076AN/TC/TD/TF/ Fuel tank sender unitEach17
MG1077AModern 12v coil£25.00Each
MG1077ZAll/ Oil cooled 12v coilEach18
MG1078ZD/F/L/J/K/ firewall mounted foot starter switchEach19
MG1079AD/F/L/J/M3/ Foot starter switch - button only cross patternEach19a
MG1080AAll/ Battery master switchEach20
MG1081ZAll/ Brake light switch (lever action)Each21
MG1082AAll/ Brake light switch (Lucas push pull unit)£20.00Each22
MG1083ATickford/P/N/ Trafficators (signal arms) Morris 1000 typePer pair
MG1083ZP/N/ Trafficators (signal arms) ultra thinPer pair25
MG1084ATF/ Direction indicator switchEach26
MG1085AAll/ Wiring loom - PVC with cloth coveringEach27
MG1086AJ2 Wiring loom with flashers - Cloth with cloth covering£184.00Each27
MG1086BJ2 Wiring loom without flashers - Cloth with cloth covering£157.00Each27
MG1086ZAll/ Firewall grommet for wiring loom£2.00Each
MG1087AAll/ HT lead set - braided clothEach28
MG1088AAll/ Spark plug cap set - vintage patternEach28a
MG1089AM/D/F/ NGK AB6 - 18mm spark plug£4.50Each29
MG1090AJ/L/K/P/N/T3/ NGK B6HS - 14mm spark plug£4.75Each30
MG1090BNGK B9HVX Platinum 14mm spark plug (set of 4)£20.00Set of30
MG1090CNGK R5525-11 Race/Competition 14mm spark plug£20.00Each30
MG1090DChampion N12YC 14mm spark plug (set of 4)£20.00Each30