MMM & T Type Exhaust Systems (P34)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1091AM/ Exhaust system (complete 3 part)£125.00Each1,2,3
MG1091BD/J/F/ Exhaust system (complete 3 part)£145.00Each1,2,3
MG1092AP/ Exhaust system (complete 3 part)£145.00Each1,2,3
MG1093AL/K2/ Exhaust system (complete 3 part)£185.00Each5,2,3
MG1093BN/K1/ Exhaust system (complete 3 part)£215.00Each5,2,3
MG1094AM5/ Exhaust front pipeEach1
MG1095AP/ Exhaust front pipeEach4
MG1096AL/K2/ Exhaust front pipeEach5
MG1097AM/ Silencer box£48.00Each2
MG1097BM2/M4/K2/ Silencer box£69.50Each3
MG1097CN/K1/ Silencer box£80.00Each4
MG1098AM1/M2/M3/ Tail pipe (to be cut as reqd)Each3
MG1098CN/K1/ Tail pipe (to be cut as reqd)£40.97Each4
MG1099AM1/M2/M3/ Intermediate exhaust fittings for silencerPer pair6
MG1100AM1/M2/M3/ Rear exhaust mounting bracket (rear crosstube mounted)£9.75Each7
MG1101ATA/ Exhaust system - Stainless steel£254.00Each11
MG1102ATB/TC/ Exhaust system - Stainless steel£264.00Each12
MG1103ATD/TF/ Exhaust system - Stainless steel£185.00Each14
MG1109AT1/ Gasket - Manifold to down pipe£8.50Each15
MG1109BT1/ Gasket - Front pipe to silencer box£4.50Each16