MMM & T Type Filler Caps & Necks (P41)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0805AM/D/F1/ Cap for engine oil filler, small ((P2/18) Each14
MG0805BT1/ Oil filler cap for rocker cover boxEach14
MG0806AJ/K/L/F2/ Cap for swan neck oil filler (P2/18A)Each13
MG1200AJ2/F2/L2/ MG spare wheel cradle badge - brown/cream£32.50Each2
MG1200BL/K/P/N/ MG front apron badge - brown/cream£32.50Each2
MG1200CAll/ MG radiator badge - brown/cream£32.50Each2
MG1200FTF/ MG Radiator badge - Black/white£37.002
MG1245ZMMM Nose pieceEach1
MG1250ATA/B/C/D/ Nose pieceEach1
MG1261AAll/ Radiator cap£49.95Each3
MG1261A2nd hand Octagonal Radiator cap£25.00Each3
MG1261PPB/ Chrome quick release cap£220.00Each
MG1262AM1/M2/M3/ Bonora quick action petrol tank cap£175.00Each4
MG1262BAll/ Bonora quick action radiator cap£125.00Each4a
MG1263ZAll/ Collectors type cap (ltd edition of 200)Each5
MG1264AAll/ Original factory pattern quick release rad filler cap£165.00Each6
MG1265AAll/ Adaption flange for fitting MG1264 to standard radiator£75.00Each7
MG1266AAll/ Adaption flange for fitting MG1264 to petrol tank£75.00Each8
MG1267AM/ Petrol cap - screw down actionEach9
MG1268AJ2/F2/L/K/P/ Dog bone pattern petrol capEach10
MG1269ZPB/ Petrol cap - dog boneEach
MG1270AD/J1/F1/N/ Petrol cap - flat top, knurled edgeEach11
MG1271AT1/ Petrol cap£79.95Each12
MG1271ZT1/ 2nd hand Petrol cap£60.00Each12
MG1272AT1/ MG crested flip catch for MG1271T£20.00Each