MMM & T Type Lamps & Horns (P44)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1337AM1/M2/M3/T2/ 7" Headlamp rim, early clip pattern£70.00Each1
MG1337BM1/M2/M3/T2/ 8" Headlamp rim, early clip pattern£70.00Each1
MG1337CM1/M2/M3/T2/ 9" Headlamp rim, early clip pattern£70.00Each1
MG1338ATC/TD/ 8" Headlamp rim, late pattern with hole£70.00Each
MG1338BTC/TD/ 7" Headlamp rim, late pattern with hole£70.00Each
MG1339AAll/ Tripod semi sealed beam unitEach2
MG1339BAll/ Rim for MG1339, rolled edge hole at base£70.00Each2a
MG1340ATD/ Lucas 700 semi sealed beam unit (use with MG1341)Each3
MG1341ZAll/ Reducer rim for 8" headlamp for sealed beam unit use Each4
MG1342AM3/T3/ Foglamp - Lucas FT27£335.00Each5
MG1342BM3/T3/ Stone guard for foglamp - Lucas FT28£125.00Each
MG1343ZTC/ Foglamp - Lucas SFT462Each6
MG1344ATC/ Reflector for Foglamp - Lucas SFT463Each7
MG1345ZTC/ Rim for Foglamp - Lucas SFT464Each8
MG1346ZTD/TF/ Foglamp - Lucas SFT576Each9
MG1347ZTD/TF/ Spotlamp - Lucas SFH576Each10
MG1348AAll/ Lucas 'King of the Road' headlamp medallionEach11
MG1349AM/D/F/earlyJ/ Rotax medalionEach12
MG1350AAll/ Lucas 'King of the Road' spot/foglamp medallionEach13
MG1351AJ1/J2/F2/ Horn, Klaxon type (not Lucas)Each14
MG1352AM/F1/ Horn, Rotax type HF318, 12v, blackEach15
MG1353AL/K/P/T/series Horn, Lucas Altette HF319, 12v, chrome£168.50Each15
MG1354AT2/ Horn, Lucas Altette HF934, 12v, chromeEach15
MG1355ATC/ Horn, Repro of Lucas Altette HF1234, 12v, chrome£155.00Each15
MG1355CLucas Altette chrome nut 1/4 bsf£2.00Each
MG1355DLucas Altette chrome nut set MMM£21.00Set
MG1355ELucas Altette chrome nut set T type£21.00Set
MG1355FLucas Altette chrome bezel£22.50Each
MG1356AN/ Horn, Lucas New Alto, grill fronted£165.00Each16
MG1357AM/D/F/J/M2/ Lucas 1130 sidelamps-painted to match body colourEach17
MG1358APA/T/series Red dot KotR Lucas 1130 sidelamps-chrome£130.00Per pair18
MG1359ALateP/M3/NA/ Octagonal sidelampsEach19
MG1360AAll/ Single filament bulb sidelampEach20
MG1360ZAll/ Single pole sidelamp bulb holder£12.00Each20
MG1361AAll/ Double pole bulb holder for side/turn signal£18.00Each21
MG1361BAll/ Twin side/turn bulb holder21
MG1362AAll/ Twin filament bulb for side or turn signal£5.60Each22
MG1363AAll/ Lens and chrome rim for all sidelights£14.00Each23
MG1364AM/D/F/J/M2/ Lucas 'King o t R' medalion for early sidelampsEach24
MG1365APA/T4/ Red dot 'K o t R' medal for late sidelampsEach25
MG1366AM6/ Tail lamp, Lucas TF201A-3 lamp typeEach26
MG1366ZM6/ Tail lamp, Lucas TF201A-Tunnel type£60.00Each26
MG1367AM1/M2/M3/T2/Tick Tail lamp, Lucas ST38, 3" dia with 3 lamp holders£33.75Each27
MG1368AM1/M2/M3/TA/ Rim for Tail lamp Lucas ST38, Each28
MG1369AM1/M2/M3/TA/ Glass Lens for Tail lamp, Lucas ST38, £10.00Each28a
MG1369BM1/M2/M3/TA/Plastic red Lens for Tail lamp, Lucas ST38, £5.00Each28
MG1369CM1/M2/M3/TA/Plastic clear Lens for Tail lamp, Lucas ST38, £5.00Each
MG1370AT2/Tickford Tail lamp, Lucas ST38, All Chrome£55.00Each29
MG1370BT2/Tickford Tail lamp, Lucas ST38, only rim is chrome£45.00Each29
MG1371ZTB/TC/ Orig. Tail lamp, Lucas ST51, chrome with bar£72.00Each30
MG1372ATB/TC/ Spare lens for Lucas ST51£25.00Each31
MG1373AY/ Spare lens forD type tail lamp, red/whiteEach32
MG1375AEarlyTD/ Tail lamp, Lucas 471, glass lensEach34
MG1376AEarlyTD/ Spare lens for Lucas 471 tail lampEach35
MG1377ATD/TF/ Number plate lamp, Lucas 467, chromeEach36