MMM & T Type Misc. Chromework (P37)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1150ZD/F/J/M2/PA Early pattern door locks (up to PA 1358)£120.00EachY
MG1151AD/F/J/M2/PA Door lock striker plate & wedge (up to PA1358)Per pair
MG1152AD/F/J/ Plain door handle£135.00Per pairY
MG1153AJ/P/M3/T1/ Standard door lock£56.67EachY
MG1153BJ/P/M3/T1/ Standard door lock£56.67EachY
MG1154AJ/P/M3/T1/ Standard lock striker plate & wedge£37.08EachY
MG1155AN/P/L/K/T3/ MG crested door handle£65.00Per pairY
MG1155ZSH/ MG crested door handle£7.50Each
MG1156ATD/TF Door handle£60.00Per pair
MG1157AX/P/N/ Side screen thumb nut base plate (female)Each
MG1158AX/P/N/ Side screen flat top thumb screw (male)£11.25Each
MG1159AT2/ Side screen thumb nut base plate (male)£11.25eachY
MG1160AT3/TF/ Side screen domed thumb nut (female)£11.25EachY
MG1161ATC/ Side screen thumb nut square base plate (male)£15.00EachY
MG1162ATD/TF/ Side screen thumb nut triangular base plate(male)£10.00EachY
MG1163AM1/M2/M3/ Side screen door top socketEachY
MG1164AM1/M2/M3/ Side screen T pegs£7.08EachY
MG1165AM1/M2/M3/ Hood frame to wheel arch support brkt£10.95Per pairY
MG1166AT1/ Hood frame to w/screen corner locking boltEachY
MG1167AL/K/P/N/ Chrome dome nut to fit front apron£7.95Set of 4Y
MG1168AAll/ 2 seaters Chrome dome nut to hold tank strapsPer pairY
MG1169AT1/ Tank end panel securing bolt (domed chrome)Set of 4
MG1170AM1/M2/M3/ Front bonnet hinge end supportEachY
MG1170BPB/NB/ Rear bonnet hinge supportEachY
MG1171AM1/M2/M3/ Rear bonnet hinge supportEachY
MG1172AT1/ Bonnet hinge support (2 part set)£14.95Per pairY
MG1173AM1/M2/M3/ Bonnet top rest stops (domed chrome c/w nuts)£10.83Set of 4
MG1174AL/K/P/N/ Headlamp brkt to rad securing nut & bolt (brass)Per pair
MG1174BM1/M2/M3/ Brass nut & bolt for crossbar end bracketPer pair
MG1175AT4/ Headlamp brkt to rad securing nut & bolt (cr)Per pair
MG1176ATA/ Handbrake footbrake adj wing nut (T types only)Each
MG1176BM1/M2/M3/ Handbrake footbrake adj wing nut (except T types)Each
MG1177AAll/ Handbrake top button (chrome)Each
MG1178AF2/earlyJ2/ Wing fixing bolts - chrome plated£18.33EachY
MG1178BLateJ2/ Cast wing fixing bolts£28.33EachY
MG1179AP/N/T1/ Dumb bell wing nut, far seat rake adj£9.95Per pairY
MG1180AJ/L/K/P/N/TA/ MG crested Brooklands Steering wheel centreEach
MG1181ZD/F/J1/EarlyL1/ Bonnet catchSet of 4
MG1182AJ2/F2/LateL/earlyK/ Bonnet catch£85.00EachY
MG1183AJ2/F2/lateL/earlyK Bonnet catch rest & pins£68.33EachY
MG1184ALateK/P/N/T4/ Bonnet catch slide & spring assy RH£28.10EachY
MG1184BLateK/P/N/T4/ Bonnet catch slide & spring assy LH£28.10EachY
MG1185ALateK/P/N/T4/ Bonnet catch handle £28.10EachY
MG1185ZSH/ Bonnet catch handle £5.00EachY
MG1186ALateK/P/N/T4/ Bonnet catch handle LH (pass side)£28.10Each
MG1186ZSH/ Bonnet catch handle LH (pass side)£5.00Each
MG1187AAll/ Bonnet strap end fixings, chrome£80.00Per pair