MMM & T Type Insignia (P38)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1200AJ2/F2/L2/ MG spare wheel cradle badge - brown/cream£32.50Each1
MG1200BL/K/P/N/ MG front apron badge - brown/cream£32.50Each1
MG1200CAll/ MG radiator badge - brown/cream£32.50Each1
MG1200FTF/ MG Radiator badge - Black/white£37.001
MG1201AP/N/T4/ MG spare wheel knock off - brown/cream£39.50Each1A
MG1202AM1/M2/M3/T2/ MG Car Co Ltd Guarantee plate£10.00Each2
MG1203ATC/ MG Car Co Ltd Guarantee plate£10.00Each2A
MG1204AXPAG/ MG Car Co Ltd Guarantee plate£10.00Each2B
MG1205AD/F/J/M2/K/ Rocker cover information/data plateEach3
MG1206AM2/M3/M4/ Body type plate (fits under guarantee plate)Each4
MG1207AT4/ Body type plate (fits under guarantee plate)£12.50Each5
MG1208AM1/M2/M3/ Footbrake adjustent/instruction plateEach6
MG1209AM1/M2/M3/ Carbodies makers plateEach7
MG1210AD/F/J/M2/ Decal/label for SUEach8
MG1211AAll/ MG Car Co Ltd under door threshold plate (sill)£33.33Per pair9
MG1212AAbbey coachwork plates - made to orderPer pair10
MG1213ATC/TD/ Patent plate£12.00Each11
MG1214AT2/ Auto lube system plate - grouped grease nipplesPer pair12
MG1215ATA/TC/ Air cleaner cannister labelEach13
MG1216ATD/ Air cleaner oil bath labelEach14
MG1217AAll/ Enamel Union Flag plaques£15.00Per pair15