MMM & T Type Original Tool Sets (P84)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of Sale
MG1755ZM1/M2/M3/ Oil gunEach
MG1756ZP/N/ Grease gunEach
MG1757ZT2 Oil gunEach
MG1758ZTC/TD/TF/ Oil gunEach
MG1759ZM1/M2/M3/ Grease gun£25.00Each
MG1760ZM1/M2/M3/ Set of 3 open ended cast spannersEach
MG1761ZT1/ Set of 3 open ended pressed steel spannersPer set
MG1762ZAll/ Set of 3 double ended socketsPer set
MG1763ZAll/ Tommy bar for MG1762Per set
MG1764ZM1/M2/M3/ 4" Adjustable spanner - ShelleyEach
MG1765ZT2/ 6" Adjustable spanner - ShelleyEach
MG1766ZTC/TD/TF/ 8" Adjustable spanner - King DickEach
MG1767ZM/J/F/T1/ Perfect pattern screw driverEach
MG1768ZL/K/P/N/ Boxwood screwdriverEach
MG1769ZAll/ Shelley No 4 pliersEach
MG1770ZAll/ Dunlop tyre leversEach
MG1771ZAll/ except M,D,F, 14mm Plug spannerPer pair
MG1772ZM/D/F/ 18mm Plug spannerEach
MG1773ZT2/ T piece bleed nippleEach
MG1774ZTC/TD/TF/ Bleed nipple spannersEach
MG1775ZT1/ Bleed tube in original tinPer pair
MG1776ZAll/ Cylinder head spannerEach
MG1777ZAll/ Tappet spannerEach
MG1778ZM1/M2/M3/ Stirrup tyre pump£40.00Each
MG1779ZT1/ Stirrup tyre pump£40.00Each
MG1780ZAll/ 3/4lb Ball pein hammerEach
MG1781ZAll/ 2 1/2lb Wheel nut hammerEach
MG1782ZTD/TF/ Wheel brace onlyEach
MG1783ZTD/TF/ wheel brace & hub cap pullerEach
MG1784ZAll/ Inspection lamp with lead & plugEach
MG1785ZF/MAGNA/ Double lift jackEach
MG1786ZM1/M2/M3/T3/ Single lift jackEach
MG1787ZTD/TF/ Double lift jackEach
MG1788ZM1/M2/M3/ TA/ Folding jack handleEach
MG1789ZT5/ 2 piece jack handleEach
MG1790ZAll/ Wooden shaft for jack handleEach
MG1791ZTA/TB/VA/ Neoprene tool traysEach
MG1792AM1/M2/M3/ Tool roll - hessian lined cotton twillPer pair
MG1792BM1/M2/M3/ Tool set in Tool roll - hessian lined cotton twillEach
MG1793AT1/ Tool set in roll - canvas lined cotton twillPer set
MG1793ZT1/ Tool roll - canvas lined cotton twillPer set
MG1794AAll/ Bulkhead mounted auxillary oil can,inc bracket - SHELL£35.00Each
MG1795AAll/ Bulkhead mounted auxillary oil can, inc bracet - NOL£35.00Each
MG1796AAll/ Bracket for auxillary oil canEach
MG1797ZTA/VA/ Tool set inc Neoprene tool traysEach