MMM & T Type Radiators (P39)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1220ARadiator drain cock£20.83Each
MG1220BRadiator drain cock£20.83Each
MG1220ZM/ Radiator core V shapedEach
MG1221BWater temp union, top of rad, male male£17.50Each1
MG1221ZD/J/M2/ Rad core Honeycomb. No holes in sidesEach
MG1222ZPA/B/ Radiator core Diamond patternEach1
MG1223ZK1/K2/ Radiator core Honeycomb patternEach
MG1224ZN/ Radiator core Diamond pattern£250.00Each2
MG1225ZTA/ Radiator core Lateral fin pattern. NS pipeEach
MG1226ZTA/B/C/ Radiator core Lateral fin pattern. Centre pipeEach
MG1227AK/P/N/ Steady bracket, radiator to engineEach
MG1228ZK/P/N/ Crossbar, steady bracket anchor pointEach
MG1229ZK/P/N/ Crossbar end bracketPair11
MG1230ZMMM Radiator shellEach
MG1231ZF/ Radiator shell. No side holesEach
MG1232AD/J/ Radiator shellEach3
MG1233ZL/ models Radiator shellEach4
MG1234ZP/ Radiator shell. With vertical holes£250.00Each5
MG1235ZM3/ Radiator shellEach6
MG1240ATA/B/C/ Radiator shell. Semi circle crank holeEach7
MG1241ATD/ Radiator shell. Full circle crank holeEach7a
MG1242ZTF/ Radiator shellEach8
MG1243AAll/ models Canvas tape for radiator shellEach
MG1244ATA/B/D/ Crossbar end bracket£20.00Pair12
MG1245ZMMM Nose pieceEach9
MG1250ATA/B/C/D/ Nose pieceEach
MG1251ZAll/ models Radiator bracket for tie rodPair14
MG1252AMMM Firewall bracket for tie rodPair15
MG1253AMMM 1/4" Plain tie rod barEach
MG1253ZMMM Radiator to bulkhead tie rod clevisPair16
MG1254ATA/B/C/D/ Radiator to b/head tie rod & clevis endsPair17
MG1255AD/F/J/M2/ Wire mesh grill Chrome/brass weave£220.00Each18
MG1255BK3/ Wire mesh grill Chrome/brass weave£235.00Each
MG1255CT3/ Wire mesh grill Chrome/brass weave£220.00Each
MG1256AK1/2/PA/NA/KN/ False honeycomb for radiator grillEach19
MG1257APB/NB/ Cooling slats for radiator shellEach20
MG1258ATA/B/C/D/ Cooling slats for radiator shellEach20a
MG1259AAll models Radiator cap rubber O ring£1.20Each24
MG1260AP/L/ Chrome plated badge bar. Orig equip£75.00Each25
MG1260BBadge bar clip - Desmo - Chrome£7.00Each
MG1260CBadge bar clip - Stainless steel£7.00Each
MG1174AL/K/P/N/ Headlamp brkt to rad securing nut & bolt (brass)Per pair13
MG1174BM1/M2/M3/ Brass nut & bolt for crossbar end bracketPer pair
MG1175AT4/ Headlamp brkt to rad securing nut & bolt (cr)Per pair13
MG1120ARange/ Radiator support rubber washer£10.50Per Pair23
MG1127AL/K/P/N/T/seres Rubber ferules for side of radiator shell£3.00Each22