T Type Carburettors (P28)


MG TA, B, C, D , Carburettors are rare and difficult to obtain. However if the basic bodies are secured, it is possible to buy almost all other parts in either new or secondhand condition. We can, however, normally offer a complete set of all T series model carburettors from stock.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0953ZT4/ Suction chamber securing screwEach7
MG0956ZT4/ Jet adjusting nutEach9
MG0957ZT4/ Jet adjusting lock springEach10
MG0958ZT4/ Jet assembly retaining screwEach11
MG0959BT4/ Jet sealing ring - BrassEach12
MG0959CT4/ Jet sealing ring - AlloyEach12
MG0961BT4/ Jet sealing ring - cork Each13
MG0962BT4/ Jet assy copper washer (lower)Each14
MG0963AT4/ Jet bearing (lower half)Each
MG0964BT4/ Jet gland washer - corkPer pair16
MG0966BT4/ Jet gland washer - brassPer pair17
MG0967AT4/ Jet gland springEach18
MG0969BT4/ Jet assy copper washer (top)Each20
MG0972AVarious 2nd hand Jet lever (choke lever) front£40.00Each
MG0974BT4/ Clevis pin and split pin assy (short)Set of 326
MG0977BT4/ Clevis pin and split pin assy (Long)Per 328
MG0979ZVarious 2nd hand Throttle spindle£8.00Each
MG0982BT4/ Throttle disc locating screwsEach32
MG0991BT4/ Float tickler pin assembly£14.00Each51
MG0993BT4/ Float lid filterEach54
MG0996BT4/ Float lid banjo boltEach55
MG0997BT4/ Front chamber holding up boltEach56
MG0998BT4/ Carburettor overhaul gasket set (1 per carb)Each62
MG1000AEarly TA/ Vertical flanged 1 1/4" semi d/draught '1945' carbPer pair
MG1001BTB/TC/TD/ Carburettor bodyEach1
MG1001ZTA/ Carburettor bodyEach1
MG1003ZPiston damping springEach2a
MG1004ZJet needleEach3
MG1005ZLateTA/ As MG1000T but Aluminium bodyEach
MG1006ZJet needle locking screwEach4
MG1007ZPiston suction chamberEach5
MG1008ABrass oil cap, oil plunger & washerEach6
MG1009ANeedle jetPer pair8
MG1010ATB/TC/TD/ Vertical flanged 1 1/4" semi d/draught '3478' carb£680.00Each
MG1011ZJet bearing (lower half)Each15
MG1012ZJet bearing (top half)Each19
MG1013ZJet lever return springEach21
MG1014ZJet lever to body linkEach22
MG1015ZJet lever (choke lever) front carb onlyEach23
MG1016ZJet lever (choke lever) rear carb onlyEach24
MG1017ZJet lever to body link & choke cable supportEach25
MG1018TJet lever connecting rod with clevis endsEach27
MG1019ZChoke cable locking pin & nut, Rear carb onlyEach29
MG1020AThrottle spindleEach30
MG1021AThrottle disc - butterflyEach31
MG1022AThrottle return springEach33
MG1023ZThrottle return spring anchor plateEach34
MG1024AThrottle spring retaining clipassemblyEach35
MG1025ZThrottle lever (front carb)£10.00Each36
MG1026ZThrottle stop adjusting screwEach37
MG1027ZThrottle stop springEach38
MG1028ZThrottle lever ball jointEach39
MG1029ZAccelerator pedal to throttle lever connecting linkEach40
MG1030ACarb to carb connecting link assyEach41
MG1031ASlow run (engine speed) armEach42
MG1032ZSlow run (engine speed) arm return springEach43
MG1033ZThrottle stopEach44
MG1035AFloat chamber with centre stud (30 deg angle)Each45
MG1036AFloat chamber lid (Right rear outlet)Each47
MG1036ZFloat chamber lid (Left rear outlet)Each47a
MG1037AFloat needle and seat assemblyEach48
MG1038ZFloat level leverEach49
MG1039AFloat level lever hinge pinEach50
MG1040AFloat chamber overflow (drain) tube & banjoEach52
MG1041AFloat lid securing nutEach53
MG1042A1st to 2nd carb flexible petrol pipeEach57
MG1043APetrol pump to 1st carb flexible petrol pipe£16.50Each59
MG1044ZCable routing box, mounted on bulkheadEach60
MG1045ARear carb brkt (to support choke & starter cables)Each61

We offer a full rebuild service on all MG carburettors by qualified staff and can quote for any type from 1926 – 1955, including racing specification models.