TA/B/C Bishop Cam Steering Gear (P14)


All parts comprising this steering assembly are extremely rare now. Unlike the MMM steering types, a great deal of the T series system is now available new from us.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0372ATA/upto2881 Bishops cam steering column and box£350Each1
MG0373ATA/from2881/TB/TC/ Bishops cam steering column and boxEach1a
MG0374ZTA/upto2881 Steering column inner shaft with keyway endEach2
MG0375ZTA/from2881/TB/TC/ Steer column inner shaft c/w splined endEach3
MG0376ZT3/ Steering column outer column & boxEach4
MG0377AT3/ Steering worm£245.00Each5
MG0378AT3/ Steering box bearing set (cage &cup)Per 2 sets6
MG0379ZT3/ Steering box end cover plateEach7
MG0380AT3/ Steering box end plate shims(0.0025, 0.005, 0.010)Each8
MG0381AT3/ Steering sector shaft£142.50Each9
MG0381BT3/ Sector shaft neoprene seal£7.45Each
MG0383ATompkins steering kit£180.00Each
MG0383BTop plate shim 0.010£2.50Each12
MG0383CTop plate shim 0.005£3.00Each12
MG0383DTop plate shim 0.003£4.50Each12
MG0383ETop plate gasket£6.00Each
MG0383ZT3/ Steering box top cover plateEach11
MG0385AT3/ Adaptor for steering box oil nippleEach13
MG0387ATA/from 2882/TB/TC/ Telescopic valve spring£23.50Each18
MG0387BTD/TF/ Telescopic valve spring£11.00Each18
MG0387ZUsed - Telescopic valve spring£12.50Each18
MG0388ATA/from 2882/TB/TC/ Telescopic valve spring washer - chrome£7.40Each19
MG0388ZUsed - Telescopic valve spring washer - chrome£5.00Each19
MG0389ATA/from 2882/TB/TC/ Tscopic valve spring washer - bakaliteEach20
MG0390ATA/from 2882/TB/TC/ Steering wheel to column retaining clipEach21
MG0391ZT3/ Steering column support brkt - body mounted£40.00Each23
MG0392AT3/ Steering box drop arm (tapered ball pin )Each25
MG0392ZT3/ Steering box drop arm (tapered ball pin )£95.00Each25
MG0393ZT3/ Drag or steering rodEach26
MG0394AT3/ Drag link ends ball pin - taperedEach27a
MG0394BT3/ Ball pin inner swivel cupEach27b
MG0394CT3/ Ball pin return springSet of 427c
MG0394DT3/ Ball pin adj plug - Drag link onlyEach27d
MG0394ET3/ Ball pin outer swivel cup - Drag link onlyEach27e
MG0394ZT3/ Drag link ends c/w ball pins, springs & cupsPer pair27
MG0395ZT3/ Track rodEach28
MG0396AT3/ Track rod ends ball pin - paralelEach29a
MG0396BT3/ Ball pin adj plugEach29b
MG0396ZT3/ Track rod ends c/w ball pins, springs & cups£55.00Each29
MG0397ZT3/ Steering arm - offside£45.00Each30
MG0398ZT3/ Steering arm - nearside£45.00Each31
MG0369BT3/ Sector shaft peg (hardened and ground)£10.35Each10
MG0354BT3/ Sector shaft to drop arm neoprene seal£7.45Each24
MG0356ASteering column top felt seal£4.50Each14
MG0357ATA/upto2881Steering wheel to column locating keyEach16
MG0338AM7/ Steering column to mounting brkt clamp£9.52Each22
MG1625AJ/L/K/P/N/TA/ Brooklands type CENTRE BOSS ONLY for MG1624£135.00Each15
MG1626ALateT3/ Brooklands type CENTRE BOSS ONLY for MG1624£135.00Each17
MG0337AM7/ 1/4" Grease nipple - StraightEach32
MG0337BM7/ 1/4" Grease nipple- 45 degEach32
MG0337CM7/ 1/4" Grease nipple - 90 degEach32
MG0337D 5/16" Grease nipple - StraightEach32
MG0337E5/16" Grease nipple - 45 degEach32
MG0337F5/16" Grease nipple - 90 degEach32

RECONDITIONING SERVICE: A full reconditioning service is available for this type of steering box. Please ring or write for full details of time taken, price and transportation.