TA/B/C Brakes (P9)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0254AT3/ Ratchet operating rod return springEach4
MG0254ZAll/ models Ratchet operating rod return springEach4
MG0255AAll/ models Handbrake actuating knob (chrome)Each5
MG0256AAll/ models Handbrake operating pawlEach6
MG0256BT3/ Handbrake operating pawlEach6
MG0257AT3/ Handbrake pawl securing boltsEach7
MG0257ZAll/ models Handbrakepawl securing boltsPer pair7
MG0272ZT3/ Handbrake cross shaft assembly - complete£200.00Each1
MG0273ZT3/ Ratchet operating rodEach2
MG0274ZT3/ Ratchet operating rod dowel pinEach2
MG0275ZT3/ Handbrake ratchetEach8
MG0276AT3/ Handbrake adjusting rod with clevisEach9
MG0277AT3/ Handbrake adjusting wing nut - chromeEach10
MG0278AT3/ Handbrake c/shaft & bearing platesPer pair11
MG0279AT3/ Handbrake cables c/w all fittings£70.92Per pair13
MG0280AT3/ Handbrake cable lubricator assemblyPer pair13a
MG0280ZT3/ Handbrake cable lubricator assemblyPer pair13a
MG0281AT3/ Handbrake cable to back plate clamp-outer£8.17Each13b
MG0281BT3/ Handbrake cable to back plate clamp-inner£11.08Each13b
MG0281ZT3/ Handbrake cable to back plate anchor brktPer pair
MG0282AT3/ Master cylinder heat protection boxEach14
MG0283AT3/ Master cylinder c/w piston & cap£220.00Each15
MG0284AT3/ Master cylinder overhaul rubber kit£20.45Each16
MG0284BTD/TF Master cylinder overhaul rubber kit£20.45Each16
MG0285AT3/ Master cylinder piston return spring & valveEach17
MG0286AT3/ Master cylinder push rod/swivel pinEach18
MG0287AT3/ Master cylinder cap (inc with master cylinder£12.00Each19
MG0288ZT3/ Brake back plate FRONT OS/NSPer pair20
MG0289ZT3/ Brake shoe£20.00Each21
MG0290ZT3/ Brake shoe - restored & relined4 pairs21a
MG0291AT3/ Soft grab brake shoe lining & rivets£49.00Set of 422
MG0291BNOS 4 wheel set Brake shoe lining & rivets£120.004 pairs22
MG0291COriginal Brake shoe lining & rivets£30.00Set of422
MG0292AT3/ Brake shoe return spring, frontPer pair23
MG0293AT3/ Brake shoe anchor clipSet of 424
MG0294AT3/ Brake drumSet of 425
MG0295AT3/ Front wheel cylinder - Complete£98.50Each26
MG0296AT3/ Front wheel cylinder rubber kit only£9.85Each27
MG0296BTD/TF/ Front wheel cylinder rubber kit only£22.50set27
MG0297AT2/ Wheel cylinder piston return spring & cupsSet of 428
MG0298ZT3/ Wheel cylinder bleed nippleSet of 429
MG0299AT2/ Brake hose - Front/Rear£24.50Each30
MG0300ATC/ Brake hose - Front£15.00Per pair31
MG0301AT3/ Brake hose to brake cylinder adapter£14.00Each32
MG0301ZT3/ Brake hose to brake pipe connecting brktSet of 432
MG0302ZT3/ Brake back plate REAR OS/NSPer pair33
MG0303AT3/ Brake shoe return spring, rear£5.50Each34
MG0304ZT3/ Brake shoe calipers OS NSPer pair35
MG0305AT3/ Rear wheel cylinder£69.50Each36
MG0306AT3/ Rear wheel cylinder rubber kit£9.85Each37
MG0306BTD/TF/ Rear wheel cylinder rubber kit£6.50Set37
MG0299AT2/ Brake hose - REARPer pair38
MG0308ATC/ Brake hose - REAR£14.00Per pair39
MG0309AT2/ Rear hose T pieceEach40
MG0309BT2/ T piece washer£3.50Set of 340
MG0310ATC/ Rear hose T piece£28.50Each41
MG0311AT3/ Rear brake pipe to wheel cylinder connection£13.50Each42
MG0312AT3/ Banjo connection bolt£5.50Each43
MG0312BT3/ Banjo connection washer£2.20Set of 243
MG0313AT3/ Master cylinder extension pieceEach44
MG0314AT3/ Master cylinder rear 2 way unionEach45
MG0317AT2/ Brake line kit (complete car)Each46
MG0318ATC/ Brake line kit (complete car)Each47
MG0319AT3/ Stainless steel brake line protectorSet48
MG0320AT3/ Brake fluidPer litre