TA/B/C Differential Assembly (P7)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0116BT3/ Differential carrier bearingEach11
MG0117BT3/ Tab washer£3.25Each12
MG0118BT3/ Adjustable lock nutEach13
MG0118ZALL/ Adjustable lock nut£5.00Each13
MG0124ZM1/M2/N/ Pinion bearing distance tube£39.95Each18
MG0127AM1/M2/N/ Pinion housing shim 0.003£3.00Each20
MG0127BM1/M2/N/ Pinion housing shim 0.010£3.50Each20
MG0127CM1/M2/N/ Pinion housing shim 0.020£3.75Each20
MG0143AT3/ Rear axle casingEach1
MG0148AT3/ Half shaft, high tensile alloy steel£80.00Each3
MG0156AT4/ Differential to rear axle casing gasketEach2
MG0160AT3/ Crown wheel & pinion set (original boxed) 7:38£150.00Per set4
MG0160BT3/ Crown wheel & pinion set (new made)Per set4
MG0161ZT3/ 2 part housing for differential centreEach5
MG0162ZT3/ SpiderEach6
MG0163ZT3/ Differential gearPer pair7
MG0164ZT3/ Planet (star) wheelsSet of 48
MG0165ZT3/ Bolt for Crown wheel & pinion Set of 89
MG0166ZT3/ Differential case c/w bearing capsEach11
MG0167ZT3/ Pinion bearing circlipEach14
MG0168AT3/ Pinion roller bearing - rearEach15
MG0169ZT3/ Pinion housingEach16
MG0170ZT3/ Pinion bearing - frontEach18
MG0171ZT3/ Pinion housing end capEach20
MG0172ZT3/ Pinion to prop shaft flangeEach21
MG0173ZT3/ Pinion spacer washer & nutEach22
MG0175ZUnrestored but complete diff assembly£300.00Each