TA/B/C/D Bodywood & Metal (P68)


The drawings above illustrate all the timbers and metal to construct a TA, B and C body. (Although not illustrated, both wood and metal are readily available for the TD and TF models.



  • Complete kit of timbers with/ without doors (Unassembled.).
  • Individual timbers and/ or individual metal panels or irons.


  • An assembled timber kit (with/ without doors.).


  • A fully finished body with or without doors ready to fit to chassis and paint.


  • Doors are also available by themselves in assembled form, and after fitment by yourself to the body of your car can be returned to us for metal covering

Wood and metal sections are not kept at our premises. We request you advise your order prior to a personal collection.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1800LT3/ Main rail LHEach1
MG1800RT3/ Main rail RHEach2
MG1801LT3/ Front body pillar LHEach3
MG1801RT3/ Front body pillar RHEach4
MG1802LT3/ Rear body pillar LHEach5
MG1802RT3/ Rear body pillar RHEach6
MG1803LT3/ Under door body rail LHEach7
MG1803RT3/ Under door body rail RHEach8
MG1804LT3/ Front body pillar top cross piece LHEach9
MG1804RT3/ Front body pillar top cross piece RHEach10
MG1805LT3/ Wheel arch/body side timber LHEach11
MG1805RT3/ Wheel arch/body side timber RHEach12
MG1806AT3/ Rear top railEach13
MG1807AT3/ Rear centre panelEach14
MG1808AT3/ Rear bottom railEach15
MG1809AT3/ Cross piece (rear of dash back panel)Each16
MG1810AT3/ Rear bulkhead top timberEach17
MG1811AT3/ Front bulkhead top timberEach18
MG1812LT3/ Front b/head side timber LHEach19
MG1812RT3/ Front b/head side timber RHEach20
MG1813LT3/ Rear b/head side timber LHEach21
MG1813RT3/ Rear b/head side timber RHEach22
MG1814AT3/ Rear top finisher railEach23
MG1815LT3/ Rear top side finisher LHEach24
MG1815RT3/ Rear top side finisher RHEach25
MG1816AT3/ Door frames only (for you to fit to size)Each26
MG1816ST3/ Skinned door frames only (for you to fit to size)Each
MG1817AT3/ Frame work and panel over rear axleEach28
MG1818AT3/ Side screen box front panelEach29
MG1819LT3/ Side screen box side LHEach30
MG1819RT3/ Side screen box side RHEach31
MG1820AT3/ Cross piece rear of prop shaft tunnelEach32
MG1821AT3/ Dash backing panelEach33
MG1822LT3/ Dash backing panel spacer LHEach33a
MG1822RT3/ Dash backing panel spacer RHEach33b
MG1823AT3/ Panel, straight grain walnut veneerEach34
MG1824LT3/ Body mounting fillet LHEach35
MG1824RT3/ Body mounting fillet RHEach36
MG1825AT3/ Rear top shelfEach37
MG1826LT3/ Floorboard LHEach38
MG1826RT3/ Floorboard RHEach39
MG1827LT3/ Sidescreen box to wheel arch timber RHEach40
MG1827RT3/ Sidescreen box to wheel arch timber RHEach41
MG1828LT3/ Rear angled corner timber LHEach42
MG1828RT3/ Rear angled corner timber RHEach43
MG1829AT3/ Front hood rail to w/screen topEach44
MG1830AT3/ Unassembled kit of timbers, without doorsKit
MG1830DT3/ Unassembled kit of timbers, with doorsKit
MG1835AT3/ Assembled kit of timbers, without doorsEach
MG1835DT3/ Assembled kit of timbers, with doorsEach
MG1840AT3/ Fully finished body, without doors, ready to paintEach
MG1840DT3/ Fully finished body, with doors, ready to paint£6200.00Each
MG1851LT4/ Body frame main angle iron LHEach50
MG1851RT4/ Body frame main angle iron RHEach51
MG1852AT4/ Cross body tie barEach52
MG1853LT4/ Bulkhead side fixing brkt LHEach53
MG1853RT4/ Bulkhead side fixing brkt RHEach54
MG1855LT4/ Bulkhead sidetop fixing brkt LHEach55
MG1855RT4/ Bulkhead sidetop fixing brkt RHEach56
MG1856AT4/ Side screen boxEach57
MG1857LT4/ Wheel arch to door pillar brkt LHEach58
MG1857RT4/ Wheel arch to door pillar brkt RHEach59
MG1859LT4/ Front quarter panel LHEach60
MG1859RT4/ Front quarter panel RHEach61
MG1860LT4/ Rear quarter panel LHEach62
MG1860RT4/ Rear quarter panel RHEach63
MG1861AT4/ Rear body centre panelEach64
MG1862LT4/ Inner wheel arch LHEach65
MG1862RT4/ Inner wheel arch RHEach66
MG1863AT3 Front swept wing, original pattern, steelPer pair67 & 68
MG1865AEarlyTA/ Narrow rear swept wing, original pattern, steelPer pair69 & 70
MG1866ALateT3 Rear swept wing, original pattern, steelPer pair
MG1867LT4/ Running board. LHEach73
MG1867RT4/ Running board. RHEach74
MG1868AT4/ Front splash apronEach75
MG1869AEarlyTA/ Petrol tank 36 5/8" wideEach76
MG1870ALateT4/ Petrol tank 31 5/8" wideEach77
MG1871AT4/ Petrol tank end panels, chrome£185.00Per pair78
MG1871ZT4/ used Petrol tank end panels, chrome£35.00Each78
MG1872LT4/ Door pillar main angle brkt LHEach79
MG1872RT4/ Door pillar main angle brkt RHEach79
MG1873LT4/ Door tension bar LHEach80
MG1873RT4/ Door tension bar RHEach80
MG1874AT4/ Bonnet catch brkt, frontPer pair81
MG1874BT4/ Bonnet catch brkt, rearPer pair
MG1875AT4/ Bonnet buffer mounting brkt£12.10Per pair82
MG1876AT3/ Front swept wing to rad tie brkt£120.00Per pair
MG1876RT4/ Headlamp mounting brkt RHEach83
MG1876TT4/ Headlamp mounting brkt LHEach84
MG1876ZSH/ Front swept wing to rad tie brkt£120.00Per pair
MG1877AT4/ Side screen rear body sktEach85
MG1878LT4/ Font side screen frame LHEach86
MG1878RT4/ Font side screen frame RHEach87
MG1879LT4/ Font side screen frame LHEach88
MG1879RT4/ Rear side screen frame RHEach89
MG1880ZT4/ Hood frame (state model required)£185.00Each90
MG1881LT4/ Bonnet top panel LHEach91
MG1881RT4/ Bonnet top panel RHEach92
MG1882AT4/ Bonnet centre hinge sectionPer pair93
MG1883AT4/ Bonnet centre hinge chrome stripEach94
MG1884LT4/ Bonnet louvred side panel LHEach95
MG1884RT4/ Bonnet louvred side panel RHEach96
MG1885AT3/ Chrome badge bar£60.00Each98
MG1885Z2nd hand Badge bar£30.00Each98
MG1886AT3/ Chrome badge bar end brkt£45.00Per pair99
MG1887ATD/ TF/ Chrome badge bar£75.00Each100
MG1616AT3/ Tubular front wing stay£110.00Per pair97
MG1616BT3/ Rubber support bush for MG1616Set of 4

N .B. The filler cap neck on T Type petrol tanks is part of the tank and not available separately. However, the flip catch (MG engraved) is now available as a separate item, as is the petrol cap.