TA/B/C/D Dashboards, Gauges & Fittings (With Glove Box) (P55)


N.B. All our gauges are original units and may be purchased on an outright or exchange basis.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1490AT4/ Dash panel-wood grained walnut veneer RHEach1
MG1490BT4/ Dash panel-wood grained walnut veneer LHEach1
MG1491ACentre instrument panel-polished chrome edge-unpaintedEach4
MG1492APLC6 Ignition/light switch. Off/side/headEach6
MG1493ATD/from10752 Lucas 8M4 ampmeter +30/-30Each7
MG1494ATD/from18584 Horn button onlyEach8a
MG1495ATD/from13914 Jaegar dual oil pressure & water temp£285.00Each9
MG1496AFuel warning lamp (glows at 2 1/2 galls or less)Each11
MG1497ATD/from10752 0-100mph 5" Speedo-dished dialEach19
MG1498ATD/from10752 5" rev counter and clock dished dialEach20
MG1499ASelf canceling turn signal switchEach21
MG1499BTurn signal switch, Lucas SD84, Brown£65.00Each21
MG1441AT3/P/N Dash trim surround, Chrome on brass, 2 pieceSet2
MG1441BChrome dash board trim (2 piece)Set2
MG1442AP/N/T4/ Cluster panel fixing bolts, chrome domed, sq shank£1.50Each5
MG1418AF2/J2/L/T3/P/N/ Ignition warning lamp£22.50Each12
MG1418BChrome bezel for warning lamp£5.00Each
MG1418ZF2/J2/L/T3/P/N/ Original ignition warning lamp£95.00Each12
MG1419AF2/J2/L/T4/upto 18883 Horn button/dip switch black£78.79Each8
MG1419DRear of panel plate to secure horn button£12.00Each
MG1408AT3/P/N/ Dash panel socket, red/black£18.00Set13
MG1408B2 pin plug to fit MG1408 dash panel sockets red/black£12.00Each
MG1471AT4/upto10751 5" chronometric 0-100mph speedo£750.00Each17
MG1471RT4/to10751 REPLICA 5" chrono 100mph speedo, greenEach22
MG1472AT4/ Instrument panel lamp holderEach3
MG1478AT4/Jaeger2" oil pressure gauge 0-160£165.00Each
MG1479AT4/ Starter cable, ebonite knob/chrome bezel£64.08Each15
MG1480AT4/ Choke cable, ebonite knob/chrome bezel£58.00Each16
MG1482AT4/ Twist switch for fog/spot lamp ilumination£45.00Each10
MG1485AT4/upto10751 5" chronometric rev counter c/w clock£700.00Each18
MG1485RT4/upto10751 REPLICA 5" chrono rev counter- greenEach23