TA/B/C/D Engine Ancillaries (P25)


It is not our policy to carry on the shelf a full inventory of XPAG engine and gearbox spares. However, we do carry a wide range of items for the TA model, many rarely carried by later T series suppliers; together with a wide selection of the most frequently required XPAG parts.

A list of our readily available stock items is given below and we ASK YOU TO REQUEST THOSE ITEMS NOT LISTED, so we may complete your full requirements at the one time.

It is essential to state clearly TA or XPAG when ordering.

CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0910ZTA/ Exhaust manifoldEach1
MG0911ZTA/ Carburettor inlet manifold DR£85.00Each2
MG0912AXPAG/ Exhaust manifoldEach3
MG0913AXPAG/ Carburettor inlet manifoldEach4
MG0914ZXPAG/ Exhaust manifold clampsSet of 45
MG0915ATA/XPAG/ Fan bladesPer pair10
MG0916ATA/Water pump complete (exc pulley)Each11
MG0916BTA/Water pump spacer£8.00Each
MG0917ATA/ Water pump to fan blade spacerEach12
MG0918AXPAG/ Water pump complete (exc pulley)Each13
MG0919ATA/XPAG/ Water pump pulley for fan beltEach14
MG0920ATA/XPAG/ Thermostat c/w housing but less bypass pipeEach15
MG0921ATA/ C45NV2 - 3 brush dynamo£525.00Each16
MG0922AXPAG/ C45YV - 2 brush dynamo£425.00Each16
MG0922BTA/ Bakalite dynamo terminal coverEach16a
MG0922CXPAG/ Bakalite dynamo terminal coverEach16a
MG0923AVA/SA/TA/ Dynamo rev counter reduction box (2:66:1)Each17
MG0924AXPAG/ Dynamo rev counter reduction box (2:25:1)£140.00Each17a
MG0925ATA/XPAG/ Dynamo wwith rev counter take off (replacement)Each18
MG0926ATA/ Pulley & adaption spacer for MG0925T on a TA onlyPer pair19
MG0927AXPAG/ Pulley for MG0925TEach19a
MG0928ZT2/ Lucas type Starter motor M418(A84)Each20
MG0929AT2/ Starter motor switch - cable operated£22.50Each
MG0930ATC/ Lucas type Starter motor M418GEach20
MG0931ATC/ Starter motor switch - cable operated£45.00Each21
MG0932AXPAG/ Works racing pattern rocker box£100.00Each22
MG0932BRocker box brass plate£20.00Each
MG0932FTF/ Aluminium rocker cover£120.00Each
MG0933AXPAG/ Alloy tappet side cover - polished to match MG0932TEach
MG0934ATA/Carburettor alloy air cleaner manifold - polished£110.00Each23
MG0935ATA/ Air cleaner canister - black painted£155.00Each24
MG0936AXPAG/ Alloy carburettor air cleaner manifold - polished£110.00Each26
MG0937AXPAG/ V shape rubber seal for MG0936T£10.71Each26
MG0938AXPAG/ V seal clamp for MG0936T£25.42Each27
MG0939AXPAG/ Air cleaner canister - black painted£155.00Each28
MG0940AXPAG/ Air cleaner canister clipsPer pair29
MG0941ATD/ Carburettor manifold to carry air filter oil bathEach30
MG0942ATD/ Air filter oil bath canister with decalEach31
MG0943ATA/ Decal for air filter canister£2.92Each32
MG0944AXPAG/ Decal for air filter canisterEach33
MG0822FXPAG/ Oil filter canister - original enclosed type£15.00Each6
MG0878ZTA/XPAG/ Oil filter to oil pump pipe£35.00Each8
MG0879ZTA/XPAG/ Oil filter to block pipe£35.00Each7
MG0885ATA/XPAG/ Oil gauge line - flexible pipe sectionEach9

* N.B. XPAG relates to TB. TC and EARLY TD models.