TA/B/C/D Engine & Transmission (P26)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG0850ZTA/XPAG/ SumpEach
MG0851ATA/XPAG/ Block drain tapEach
MG0852ZTA/XPAG/ Timing chain coverEach
MG0853ATA/ Timing chain (32 links)Each
MG0853XXPAG/ Timing chain (30 links)Each
MG0854ZTA/XPAG/ Timing chain tensionerEach
MG0855ZTA/XPAG/ BlockEach
MG0856ZTA/XPAG/ Connecting rodSet of 4
MG0857ZTA/XPAG/ Connecting rod big end nut & boltSet of 8
MG0858ATA/XPAG/ Starter dog nutEach
MG0860AXPAG/ Crankshaft -NEWEach
MG0860ZTA/XPAG/ Crankshaft - usedEach
MG0861AXPAG/ Crankshaft main bearingPer set
MG0862AXPAG/ Con rod bearing setPer set
MG0863XXPAG/ Crankshaft pulley£55.00Each
MG0863ZTA/ Crankshaft pulley£135.00Each
MG0864ATA/XPAG/ Crankshaft sprocket for chainEach
MG0865ATA/ Piston. 63.5mm c/w rings & pinsSet of 4
MG0866ATA/ Cylinder linerEach
MG0867AXPAG/ Piston. 66,5mm c/w rings & pinsSet of 4
MG0868AXPAG/ Cylinder linerEach
MG0869ATA/XPAG/ Camshaft sprocketEach
MG0870AXPAG/ CrankshaftEach
MG0870ZTA/ CamshaftEach
MG0871AXPAG/ Camshaft bearing setPer set
MG0872ZXPAG/ Camshaft oil thrower washerEach
MG0873AXPAG/ Camshaft core plugEach
MG0874ZTA/XPAG/ PushrodSet of 8
MG0875ATA/XPAG/ Cam follower (yours reconditioned)Set of 8
MG0875ZTA/XPAG/ Cam followerSet of 8
MG0876ATA/XPAG/ Oil pumpEach
MG0877ATA/XPAG/ Oil pump gearsPer pair
MG0878ZTA/XPAG/ Oil filter to oil pump pipe£35.00Each
MG0879ZTA/XPAG/ Oil filter to block pipe£35.00Each
MG0880ZTA/ Oil filter cannisterEach
MG0881ATA/ Oil filter - felt£29.50Each
MG0882ZXPAG/ Oil filter cannister - original enclosed unitEach
MG0883AXPAG/ Oil filter conversion (for disposable filter)Each
MG0883BXPAG/ Oil filter element for MG0883TEach
MG0884ZXPAG/ Oil filter mounting brkt c/w strapEach
MG0885ATA/XPAG/ Oil gauge line - flexible pipe sectionEach
MG0886ZXPAG/ Oil pipe - head to blockEach
MG0890ATA/XPAG/ Cylinder head - New Alloy competion versionEach
MG0890ZTA/XPAG/ Cylinder headEach
MG0891ATA/XPAG/ Valve guide inletSet of 4
MG0891BTA/XPAG/ Valve guide exhaustSet of 4
MG0892ATA/XPAG/ Valve inletSet of 4
MG0893ATA/XPAG/ Valve exhaustSet of 4
MG0894ATA/XPAG/ Valve cottersSet of 8
MG0895ATA/XPAG/ Valve springsSet of 8
MG0896ZTA/ Rocker shaft (35.6mm)Each
MG0897AXPAG/ Rocker shaft (37.8mm)Each
MG0898ZTA/XPAG/ Rocker shaft pillarSet of 4
MG0899ZTA/XPAG/ Rocker armsSet of 8
MG0900ZTA/XPAG/ Rocker box cover - steelEach
MG0901ATA/XPAG/ Rocker box oil filler capEach
MG0902ATA/ Rocker box to head securing knob - steelEach
MG0902BXPAG/ Rocker box to head securing knob - bakeliteEach
MG0903ZTA/XPAG/ Tappit side plate coverEach
MG0904ZTA/XPAG/ Engine breather pipeEach
MG0905ZTA/XPAG/ Engine breather pipe clampEach
MG0906ATA/XPAG/ Oil level dipstick - MG crestedEach
MG0907ATA/XPAG/ Cylinder head front water outlet castingEach
MG0908ZTA/XPAG/ Cylinder head rear blanking plateEach