TA/B/C/D/F Gaskets & Seals (P23)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1920YTA/ Head gasket set (de-coke)£119.50Set
MG1921ATA/ Klingelt head gasketEach
MG1922YTA/ Lower engine gasket setSet
MG1923ATA/ Sump gasketEach
MG1924YTB/TC/TD/ Head gasket set (de-coke)Each
MG1925YTB/TC/TD/ Lower engine gasket setEach
MG1926ATB/TC/TD/ Head gasket -copper/asbestosEach
MG1927ALate TD/TF Head gasket -copper/asbestosEach
MG1928AXPAG/ Timing chain cover£175.00Each
MG1928ZXPAG/ Timing chain cover£125.00Each
MG0097BT4/ Rear hub bearing carrier to flange gasketEach
MG0097CT3/ Rear hub paper gasketEach
MG0156AT4/ Differential to rear axle casing gasket£2.95Each
MG1109AT1/ Gasket - Manifold to down pipeEach
MG1109BT1/ Gasket - Front pipe to silencer boxEach