TA/B/C/D/F Windscreens (P58)


CodeDescriptionExcluding VATUnit of SaleIllustration Number
MG1505CT4/ W/screen bottom support to body nut & boltSet of 65
MG1508CT4/ W/screen bottom corner brktPer pair11B
MG1510ALateJ/L/P/N/T/series Wiper motor - Lucas type CWX£255.00Each13
MG1510BLateJ/L/P/N/T/series Wiper motor - Early Lucas type CWX£295.00Each13
MG1510CLateJ/L/P/N/T/series Spacers for Lucas CWX wiper motor£6.67Each
MG1511BT4/ Parking handle for wiper systemEach
MG1514AAll/ Wiper blade (8" - may require cutting)£8.33Each17
MG1515AAll/ Wiper blade rubber securing peg£0.50Each18
MG1520AM/D/F/J/M2/P/N/T/ Lucas 160 screen mntd rear view mirror£120.00Each20
MG1520BLucas 160 style screen mntd rear view mirror£95.00Each20
MG1521AM6/M2/P/N/T4/ Screen mntd drivers side mirror arm & screws£35.00Each21
MG1522AM6/M2/P/N/T4/ Screen mntd passenger side mirror arm & screw£35.00Each22
MG1524AAll/ Brooklands Aeroscreen, fully adj£78.00Each23
MG1524BAll/ Brooklands Rectangular glazed aeroscreen£80.00Each
MG1525AAll/ Brooklands Aeroscreen, plinth mounted, fully adj£133.00Each
MG1533AP/N/T/series Conical washer for use with part MG1532£2.20Each7
MG1534AP/N/T/series Chrome dome nut for w/screen swivel£3.85Each8
MG1535AP/N/T/series D washer for use with part MG1534£1.22Each9
MG1536AP/N/ Lock nut for use with part MG1534A£0.85Each10
MG1540AT4/ W/screen frame - bare, drilled, unplatedPer pair1
MG1540BT4/ W/screen frame - bare, drilled, chrome platedEach1
MG1541AT4/ W/screen top side support - chrome platedEach2
MG1542AT3/ W/screen bottom side support - chrome platedPer pair3
MG1543ATD/TF/ W/screen bottom side support - chrome platedPer pair4
MG1544AT4/ W/screen top corner brkt rh - inc wood pegPer pair11
MG1545AT4/ Hood to w/screen locking wing nutEach12
MG1546AT4/ Wiper arm -drivers side inc link & collets£18.33Per pair15
MG1547AT4/ Wiper arm -passenger side inc link & collets£18.33Each16
MG1548AT3/ Wiper arm connecting bar - cranked non adjEach19