About Us

The MG Automobile Company was incorporated in 2016 when Blue Diamond Riley Services Limited purchased Barry Walker’s spares business. The name “Barry Walker” has been synonymous with early MGs for more than 40 years. Until 1995, the company operated the world’s largest spares company for MG motor cars built between 1929 and 1939, together with an extensive service for the models from 1939 to 1955.

Following a break in the sale of new spares between 1995 and 2000, Barry Walker made the decision in 2001 to re-enter the new spares market when it was felt the demand was still sufficient to warrant offering the full services again. Barry advertised extensively in publications such as the “Automobile”, “Classic Cars”, “Classic & Sportscar” and “Classic Cars For Sale”, together with various MG club magazines. Barry’s extensive knowledge of the supplier base and the cars meant that he was able to offer not only rare used, and rare original early MG parts, but also bring customers an ever widening range of high-quality re-manufactured parts to OE (original equipment) specification.

Over the coming months, The MG Automobile Company will continue to invest in new and used stock to carry on Barry’s legacy. We are working on a new hard-form catalogue and we hope to have this in print in 2017. Those customers who still have a copy of the old “Pre War MG Parts Centre” catalogue that BARRY WALKER wrote in 1991/2 can still use it as a most valuable means of back-up when detailing your requirements to us. We now carry again almost all of the stock shown in this book.

Our new website contains valuable information concerning your pre-war MG in the form of an on-line catalogue and the exploded parts diagrams. However, if you need any additional advice or the answers to your questions cannot be found, do please e-mail, phone or call in, though often, owing to the complexity and difficulty of certain requests, a telephone call is usually the best.

We recognise the importance of a ‘hands-on’ approach in our business, and actively encourage you to call on us in person. As such, we took the decision to re-locate The MG Automobile Company to Bicester Heritage in October of 2016. Our building was formerly the Main stores for the Airfield and in fitting it out we have tried to re-create the MG factory from the 1930s.

We remain probably the only self-service (no counter) MG parts shop. Here you can browse, discuss, inspect and collect both new and second-hand parts at leisure whilst enjoying the unique atmosphere and buildings that can be found at Bicester Heritage.

About Bicester Heritage
Bicester Heritage is the UK’s only park for the restoration, storage and enjoyment of vintage and classic cars, motorcycles and aeroplanes with a mission to revolutionise the classic car ownership experience. The home is something of a classic, too- 348 acres of a historic 1920s RAF bomber station moments from the M40 and in easy reach of half of the UK population. The refurbished and restored redbrick buildings, hangars, tree-lined avenues and airfield provide an authentic period setting for over best-of-breed 30 specialists, not to mention vehicle owners, enthusiasts and visitors to meet, share their passions and immerse themselves in a classic age. See more at: https://bicesterheritage.co.uk.

About our building
Building 90 was originally the main stores for RAF Bicester and is located on the main avenue. From the outset of the fitting out, the aim was to re-create the 1930s look and feel within our building– it should feel as if we simply moved in when MG moved out!
As well as holding the spares side of The MG Automobile Company, the building will also house a service facility for our Riley business – Blue Diamond Riley Services. We hope you come to visit us and enjoy your time in our parts showroom.